Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maybe I have a book problem

On Monday, Kelsey and Jake worked on painting my scrapbook space for me. As a treat for all of us, we headed out for a late lunch (Mexican food) and stopped in at the Half Price Bookstore. Kelsey had reminded me that this was their 50% off weekend sale, so it seemed wrong to not pay them a visit.

Let's just say I have a bit of a problem. By the time I bought Kelsey and Jake a few goodies and this stack pictured above for myself, I'd spent a grand total of $19.61. That's right. I bought 9 books, Jake chose another, and Kelsey left with 3 books and 3 DVDs. I bought all of that for less than $20! I mean, it's kind of ridiculous. How could I pass up such a good deal though?

You might note from my stack that two books are about drawing/painting, three books are travel writing,  and four are novels. Be still my heart! At least I'll have plenty of good reading material if we have a nasty winter as is predicted.

Since I'm still working my way through The Book of Madness and Cures and have checked out The Bourbon Kings from the library, I won't start this stack until I've finished my prior commitments. So many books and so little time - tell me: what are you reading these days?



  1. Since we both loved The Nightingale so much I will be anxiously awaiting your thoughts on Firefly Lane. (Haven't read it). I have read The Language of Flowers though. Good but not nearly as good as Nightingale.

  2. Too many books is never a bad thing. :-)

    I read Firefly Lane and liked it (although at times one or both of the main characters drove me nuts.) There is also a sequel, which I didn't like as well. Tell The Wolves I'm Home is good -- I confess to skimming it because it was due at the library, so want to give it a go another time, maybe in audio. I just finished the most recent entry in Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie series. It's a "cup of tea" type of mystery, wherein the mystery, although present, is less important to the book than the main characters and the things Isabel ponders (she is an academic of sorts.) I have tons of things on order at the library -- woo hoo!

  3. Just finished Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Not creepy, weird like some of his. I'd give it a B.
    Also just finished The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly. Very thought provoking. Making me think about how I live my faith a bit more.
    Just starting How To Read Literature Like a Professor. Your recommendation. Eleanor and Park. YA novel recommended to me a while back.
    I too have a book problem. My husband gave me an iPad a few years ago. I now borrow books and magazines from my local library. It's been a big improvement in terms of what I can take with me when I travel, which I do frequently for my job. I do still purchase a book here and there when I'm anxious for it and it's not available via the library ebooks yet. I wasn't sure how I would feel about reading from the iPad but I do love it. Mostly non-fiction is when I get a real book. I like to write in them and sticky note them. You can do that to ebooks you own but it's not the same to me.

  4. you don't have a problem. your passion is words & writing. that's why you became an english teacher. i own under the tuscan sun. it was a thrift store find that i read way before the movie came out. yes the book is better. right now i'm reading tattoos on the heart by gregory boyle. you might like it since you're a teen teacher & you believe in compassion & hope.