Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the life - day 7 photography

I didn't take many photos today. Maybe it was because it was a Saturday that I spent mostly alone. Maybe it was because it was the last day of week in the life. Maybe it was because I was tired. Regardless, I only took a handful of pics. I'm totally okay with that because it's real life. I still think I captured the essence of my life throughout the whole week, and that's what really matters, right? Take a look at my last day of photos.

Here are a few pics of me in bed Saturday morning with my main squeeze, Lowder-dog. I know it's racy; try to control yourselves. Haha - I crack myself up sometimes.

 Early morning run to Panera for my girl - she "needed" breakfast to be able to face a day of dance camp.

 The fella, the kiddo, and I headed up to WKU in the evening for a quick meal at the student center and the Rafferty's Bowl football game featuring the BGHS Purples.

 Here's a quick shot of the Dero Downing Student Center exterior.

 Selfie in the same spot

 And here's a couple's selfie at the ballgame. The fella keeps getting better at these!

 We actually left the ballgame at halftime since we were up 30-0 at that point. The final score was 44-7. The kids did so well that it makes me even more excited about the upcoming season.

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  1. What sweet pictures with your main squeeze. Does the fella know he's in second place? Yeah, I'm guessing he probably does -- ha, ha. Lowder dog looks like a sweetheart.