Monday, August 3, 2015

The week ahead - back to school

It's back to real-life for me this week. While I hate that summer vacation 2015 is officially over, I'm going to try to think positively about this transition. I do expect this week to kick my a$$ in several ways, starting with a busy beginning of the school year.

Monday - District opening day full of meetings and presentations + high school open house + dog house call for nail trims/meds
Tuesday - Classroom work day + attend lecture by Egypt's minister of antiquities
Wednesday - First day of school for students + cook dinner for the fella
Thursday - School + Kelsey comes home from Oregon 
Friday - School + massage + concert in the park
Saturday - Blissfully unscheduled
Sunday - Blissfully unscheduled

Since it has been a couple of weeks since I've played in my studio, I'd really like to spend some time being crafty. I'd planned to get in there last week, but it didn't work out. Maybe my blissfully unscheduled days next weekend will end up being crafty days. Fingers crossed!


  1. Good luck getting back into the routine!

  2. I can't believe how early school starts in KY. When does it let out?

  3. Best wishes for an awesome school year. As for the summer......what is that phrase? Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened. Or something like that. Which sounds great but I have to consciously work to feel. Thanks again for sharing so much of that fabulous summer that happened. I really enjoyed the posts.

  4. My HS Freshman went back today ... My 5th grader tomorrow... My college student not for a couple of weeks.