Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pondering upcoming projects

While I have plenty of projects around the house that I should do, I've been pondering some projects that I just want to do. They aren't scrapbooking projects; God knows I have plenty of those I could be working on right this minute. Do you have some 'want to do' projects (either scrapbooking or otherwise) on your list right now? I'd love to hear what they are. 😊

1. Revamp my scrapbook space (repaint to change bright turquoise walls the preteen version of Kelsey wanted & rearrange/reorganize for a more calming space) Any suggestions on color and arrangement? I've been looking at online examples and already feel a little overwhelmed.

2.  Make a couple of new school spirit shirts. Maybe matching canvas shoes? Maybe a tote bag?

3.  Make another fauxdori, using the lessons I learned from my first attempt. Fill it with notebooks and use it for my lists class in September.

4.  Stamp a metal pendant for a personalized piece of jewelry.

5.  Design a dashboard for my planner + divider sections/sheets.

Oh, and it's incredibly ironic that I'm typing up this blog post when I should be clearing cobwebs, doing laundry, and mopping the floors. The fact that I'm too tired to do much but sit here and write about what I want to do isn't lost on me either. C'est la vie!


  1. I too have a lo of projects I want to do. I just got the supplies to make a fauxdori.I got the leather really cheap at Hobby Lobby.
    I have my studio space painted Lancaster White, Benjamin Moore color. It is very calming.

  2. Are you going to make your own notebooks to use as inserts in the faux-dori or buy something pre-fab? I'm fascinated by the concept of both faux-dori and planners but haven't quite figured out how to make it work for me. My world revolves around my electronic calendar and I really need it that way to be able to allow my staff to schedule appointments for me and to be able to schedule appointments while I'm out and about. But tracking the to-do lists is something I've not quite figured out a way to do well. I look forward to reading what you think of your systems.

  3. I recently bought one of those small Dylusions art journals and have been waiting for a unifying "theme" or idea to come to me about how I want to use it. I decided to fill it with poetry I've written (haven't written much since undergrad, but this will get me motivated) and decorate each spread in a manner that goes with the writing. So, for example, I have a poem that evokes a musical scene and can use old sheet music as part of the background. :-)