Monday, July 27, 2015

The week ahead - summer's last song

This week officially marks the end of my summer. It was lovely while it lasted, and I'm having a hard time saying goodbye. I thought I'd share with you the things going on for me this week, just in case you were dying to know or something. Haha!

Monday - professional development day focused on technology; errands around town
Tuesday - trip to Holiday World with the fella + his kiddo
Wednesday - pool; movies + dinner with my niece
Thursday -  last truly free day of summer - I plan to spend it crafting at home; evening with the fella
Friday -  professional development day for all high school faculty; concert in the park
Saturday - taping podcasts with Tracie in Nashville
Sunday - prep for the coming week; grocery; pool

The week ahead looks like it's a good mix of things I have to do and things that I want to do. I hope you have some fun things planned for your week ahead too. I'm really going to work on incorporating some fun and relaxing things in my regular life and not spend so much energy waiting for the weekends. Sometimes I feel like I wish my life away in anticipation of the weekends, and I definitely don't want to be that person. When will summer be over for you? What fun things do you have planned between now and the end of your summer?


  1. Seems awfully early for school to be starting back. What day do the students return? (Our first day here in FL is Aug 24th)

  2. Whew! It sounds exhausting! Lol

  3. The end of summer is always so bittersweet for me - autumn is my favorite season but there's something about those carefree days of summer that makes it hard to miss. Maybe it's a holdover from childhood. My oldest daughter, who is a 3rd grade teacher, won't start until the end of August and my youngest daughter, who is a college senior, doesn't return until after Labor Day. So we still have about a month left and will probably be taking little day trips to enjoy the rest of our summer. Hope you have a productive and relaxing week!

  4. I'm with Vonda - sounds exhausting! I would have about three of those days say "do nothing."

  5. Enjoy your last week of "freedom" -- sounds like a lot of time with special people, some active and some more laidback. We don't go back until after Labor Day up here (NYS), but don't get out until the last week of June. I do the same thing, wishing my week away in anticipation of the weekend, which just flies by. I think part of making sure to bring the fun into the work week depends upon whether work can be left at work . . . whether that's actual tasks to be completed at home or that you can't shut off "work brain." But I know I'm happier when I can fit something fun into each day -- a tiny bit of creative time, time to read, watching a movie with my husband.