Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel Update - Packing for Paris (checked bag)

My dining room table has been packing ground zero for the past month or so...

This isn't the best view and has made for a pretty messy feel when you walk into my house, but I needed a central location that would allow me to make additions/deletions easily.

I've come to a shocking realization: I do not pack lightly, and I have no plans to change that honestly. If my baggage is overweight, I'll pay the fees. I just want to have access to my fave clothes and belongings without worrying about every ounce of baggage weight it costs. Look at me being a renegade - lol!

My apartment does have a washing machine but not a dryer. The apartment owner has assured me that he has an iron for me to use and that it doesn't take long to hang things to dry in front of the window in the kitchen. I'll be taking along a couple of clothespins for that very purpose.

The weather this time of year can be tricky in France. Weather websites put the averages at about 74 and 58 degrees for high/low averages respectively. Rain showers often pop up as well. I usually like to change clothes for the evening, so what might be appropriate in the heat of the day would be too chilly in the evenings. Yes, I'm the type that thinks about these things. ;) The forecast right now is trending to the warmer side of things, but I like to have layers in case that changes. You'll notice below that the jackets I'm bringing will help in case things get wet and/or chilly.

I'm taking three bags with me: a cross-body purse, a soft side carry-on tote, and a suitcase. Just like my trip last year, I borrowed the fella's uber large hard-sided suitcase for my trip abroad this summer. Thanks hon! Here's a look at what I packed for my 40 day experience in Paris.

The packing list:

Dresses: 10 (mostly silky tunic style that are uber comfy and fold into tiny squares + just a couple of dressier options) I'll be wearing one on the plane.

Bottoms: 6 (black capris, khaki capris, skinny jeans, blue foldover skirt, cream lace skirt, black pencil skirt)

Tops: 9 (mostly prints because that's how I roll, but also a camel ss turtleneck sweater, a khaki draped tee + a black ss twin set) I am bringing some 3/4 sleeve items because the weather is unpredictable sometimes this time of year.

Jackets/sweaters: 6 (white cardi, black cardi, 2 kimono jackets, khaki jacket, striped knit blazer)

Nightgowns: 2 (one with sleeves and one strappy version)

Lingerie: 4 bras, 8 panties, 3 socks,

Shoes: 5 (strappy black sandals, black sport Mary Janes, metallic strappy wedges, dark grey Toms knockoffs, strappy Gladiator style brown sandals) I'll be wearing the Mary Janes on the plane.

Foundation pieces: black and gray leggings, black and gray tank tops

Extras: scrapbook planner bag of goodies + trimmer, small purse

Toiletries: stored in a divided hanging bag from Vera Bradley that I've had for years - jewelry, deodorant, perfume, razors + mostly travel size items - I plan to buy most of what I need when I get there

How the bag looks inside:

Jackets are flat; foundation pieces are rolled; bras are nested inside of one another.

Panties and socks are in the zippered mesh area; shoes are in the shoe sleeves so that my other items don't get dirty.

Dresses and skirts are rolled, as are most blouses.

Pants are folded in half and placed on top of rolled items.

Hanging toiletry bag will be stored on top of pants, zipped up but not rolled to conserve space.

And here I am ready to go:

As I leave for the airport today, I'll go through this final departure checklist to make sure I have the things I need for my trip. If I forget something small, I can just buy it while I'm traveling. These are mostly things that would create major problems or stress if I forgot them.

Departure checklist:

1. Double check travel documents (passport, tickets, printouts, vouchers, policies, etc.)
2. Check bank/credit card account balances and that travel abroad notifications are in place
3. Make sure I have meds, RX hard copies, contacts, makeup, and chargers for electronics
4. Leave notes/numbers for Kelsey re: house, dogs, bills, etc.

Bon voyage, mon amis! I'll be checking in tomorrow from Paris.

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