Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Senior Notes

These notes make my heart full. I'm pretty sure these kids have no idea how much their words mean to me. I thought you might like seeing what they had to say. :) 

While I didn't make it to any grad parties this year because of other obligations, it was definitely nice to be invited.


  1. It says a lot that your kids took the time to write you thank you notes and not just rote ones, but ones that expressed real feelings. (Times sure have changed -- can't even get my head around ever saying one of my teachers was the "baddest bitch" -- as Tracie would say, it makes my head explode! But then again I'm old -- lol.)

  2. Those have to make you feel good. I would have loved a sassy teacher. Lol!

  3. These are priceless. We need more teachers like you Tiffany. Thank you.