Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paris - the street where I live

 corner market with a very sweet clerk, Rashid
 view from one end of my street
 view from a different direction
 87 steps from the street below mine; if I go around, its much longer but easier on my tush and calves
beautiful greenery along a wall
 view from the park at the end of my street
 Place Emile Godreau - a gorgeous "park" at the end of my street

 a park bench there - oh, and there's wifi from a nearby hotel too :)
 Parisian water fountain in the park - there isnt a place to put your mouth, thank goodness
 see how steep my street becomes on the far end? that's where my apartment is.
 my street sign
 and my front door on the left with the heart on it
I hope y'all don't get sick of my posts about Paris; there's just so much to see and share.


  1. I LOVE seeing your posts so keep 'em coming! Looks like you're settling into your new neighborhood. I hope you're having an amazing time!

  2. I am vicariously enjoying Paris through your posts, so can' wait to see more. What a beautiful place! I love the market with the fresh produce outside.

  3. Agreed. Please keep posting. I'm just loving it.

  4. I agree with the previous comments - keep it coming; it is so fun to see your adventure unfold!

  5. Not boring at all! It's something I will likely never experience, so am really enjoying seeing what it's like. :)

  6. loving them!! I will never get there so this is 'my chance'

  7. loving them!! I will never get there so this is 'my chance'

  8. Just catching up on your Paris posts and loving them!