Thursday, April 30, 2015

Travel Thursdays - To Buy for Paris

Since my trip itself will be quite expensive, I'm trying not to buy too much before I go. There are a few things that I really do want/need though. With right at a month to go before I leave, I should probably get busy on finding these items.

Here's my current to-buy list:

1. Super dark, straight legged or skinny, comfortable jeans                                        
          I don't want any decoration on them other than plain back pockets, no embroidery or bling. I'd like for them to be slightly stretchy but not so much so that they lose their shape. I'd rather not have to suck in anything in order to wear them. And I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. No mom-jeans please, but I don't want to deal with super low-rise muffin-top issues either. Do you have any idea how much I dread looking for these? I despise trying on jeans in stores because I get so hot and grouchy. There will have to be cocktails after this experience, and maybe beforehand too.

2.  Comfortable, nude, strapless bra (or convertible strap bra)
          This is a little bit like searching for a Yeti or something, but I haven't lost faith that it's possible. Ordinarily, I purchase my bras at Lane Bryant because I have to have some serious hardware to hold up these ladies. (For the good of children everywhere, these babies cannot sway loosely in the breeze.) I do not like their strapless bras though. They're either so tight I can't function or they've lost their oomph and leave me looking like a tribal woman in National Geographic. In Mexico recently, I seriously considered taking off my strapless bra at dinner because I felt like I couldn't breathe or move. One more mojito, and I might have done it. Other strapless bras that I've tried in the past have been woefully unsupportive. Anybody have any suggestions for me? I'm unwilling to spend even a single moment in Paris feeling like I'm wearing a torture device in the form of a corset, but I do plan on taking some strappy sundresses with me for hot weather.

3.  Soft sided carry-on bag - leaning toward a Vera Bradley carpet style bag
           I know that I cannot manage two wheeled suitcases in the airport or even in getting to the taxi stand. I also don't want a carryon so large that it hurts my back to carry it to/from the plane. I'll mainly be putting my electronic items in the bag, so a quilted one with pockets would be both convenient and safe for my items. As such, I have my eye on a soft sided, quilted carry-on bag like they sell at the nearby Vera Bradley outlet. Tracie recently picked one up on clearance that I covet, so I feel confident I could go there and find something I love. While the floral, quilted look might be a bit passe these days, (Why can't I find a way to put an accent mark on passe...oh well, I digress.) I think it would make a good addition to my travel luggage for my particular needs.

4.  Floral kimono-style jacket
           This is totally just a "want" on my list, but I've had my eye on the floral kimono-style jackets the kids are wearing right now. (Yes, hanging out with teenagers definitely rubs off on me.) Ideally, I'd like a pastel, watercolor, floral print that has fringe at the bottom and hits mid-thigh. I've found a few that I like, but they didn't come close to meeting across my chest. Let's face it: juniors clothing is not made for serious boobage like I have. I did see some women's options at Kohl's online, but they all seemed a bit dowdy and short for what I want. Yes, I've seen more adult selections that I really like online, but I'd rather not pay close to $100 for something that I see as a trendy item. The search continues...

5.  Instax camera case
           I've decided to take my Instax camera with me since I'd like to be able to print a few photos while I'm there and am working on my memory planner. I don't have a case for it yet, so that's definitely something I want to snag before I leave. I also plan to buy a few containers of film. Anybody know what the TSA rules are re: film these days? I haven't traveled by air with film in more than a decade.

6.  Beats headphones
           Honestly, I don't know if I'll spring for this purchase or not. At about $150 on sale, they seem a little bit of a splurge before a big trip like this. But then I ask myself, when else would I want to  have expensive headphones except on a super long flight? This one is still up in the air. I'll get back to you on what I decide.

There you have it, my to-buy list for my Paris trip. Do any of you have suggestions for these items? Any brands that you love? Talk to me, people.  :)

Au revoir, mon amis!


  1. I wish I had gotten you a Vera bag when I got mine. I thought you had one! We can call and see if they are having a big sale and have any. Caroline swears by her Beats. She adores them!

  2. I love my lug bags for travelling...

  3. Re:strapless bra -- omg I know what you mean! I suggest going to and ordering a bunch to try on at home. They have a very generous return policy and LOTS of bigger cup sizes. I got a "goddess" strapless bra and it's great - I don't see it on the site anymore though. It actually has wires both under and over the top, which -- sounds less comfortable but I find that it moved less and therefore felt more supportive. I don't think such a thing as a "comfortable strapless bra" exists though.