Friday, April 10, 2015

Sharing a layout - Dance Class

I wanted to make a page the other day, but I wasn't feeling super creative. What did I do? I headed over to Pinterest to find a layout that I could scraplift. I found this gem by Jessica Lamb and decided I could create something similar. I thought her design was super fresh and linear, so I wanted to m ake something similar. I think you'll find that my colors and details are different but my overall design is all courtesy of Jessica. Thanks, girl! (Btw, she doesn't know me, but I thought I should give her a shoutout anyway. Lol!)
 I started with some white textured cardstock - so unlike me, right?  It provided the perfect canvas to add lots of yummy spring color though.

Take a look at my take on the bunting at the top of the page. I simple punched rectangles and then trimmed them by hand. Then I layered a strip of washi tape across it and added an enamel dot to connect the strip. The dab of washi tape at the corner of the picture and the large printed diecut of a butterfly provided some visual interest and covered up some wonky fixtures in the photo.

At the bottom of the layout, I cut strips of the same patterned  paper and trimmed the ends by hand again. I tried not to freak out if the points were perfect. I'm just going with the flow, you know. I added the journaling spot and another diecut butterfly at the end of the title strip to ground it and draw attention to it since it was placed at the bottom of the page. A subtle rubon phrase on one of the strips makes me happy as do the patterned letter stickers.

There's a closeup for ya...

And here you can see the photo itself a bit closer as well as a cute label I added with tiny enamel dots.

Another closeup for your viewing pleasure...

And finally, another look at the layout - It's one of my current faves if I do say so myself.

I hope you've had an amazing week while I've been vacationing in Mexico. Look for photos and stories from my trip next week!

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  1. Great layout!! I love the design, colors and subject. Very cool to document Kelsey working, in action :)