Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Almost wordless Wednesday - yummy food & drinks in Mexico

Prepare to be thirsty and hungry after taking a look at all of these drink/food pics. My apologies if I spell something incorrectly or label something inadequately - y'all know Spanish is not a language I have studied. Also, the pics aren't really in any meal order but are arranged rather haphazardly. Just consider that part of the fun! ;)

Mojitos with fresh mint

Mixed seafood ceviche (basically pico de gallo with shrimp/fish/clams that is raw but "cooked" by the acid in the lime juice)

Bakery shelves at the local grocery store, Chedraui

To die for guacamole and pico de gallo at Fayne's

Fabulous coconut shrimp at Fayne's

Fresh watermelon juice and coffee at the local luncheria

Mexican style omelet with rice and black beans; served with tortillas

Another version of the omelet breakfast another day

Fruit plate

To die for pina coladas with fresh juices at Tarzan's Beach Club

Another version of the omelet breakfast, this time with salsa verde

Chilaquiles (spelling?) - fabulous!

A lovely salad with blue cheese dressing at Limon's

A to die for mixed grill for 2 at Limon's

Steak and chicken fajitas with pico de gallo and guacamole at the Soggy Peso

Street stand where we bought fabulous chicken tacos made fresh in front of us

Pancakes with fruit for breakfast

Another version of an omelette for brunch, this time with avocado and a side salad

Strawberry daquiris on the rocks during our catamaran tour

Grilled shrimp with Cuban and Mexican rice, a salad, and a tiny sweet potato

Another round of guacamole with only a few chips - never mind though because I could just eat their guacamole with a spoon by itself

Conch with Cuban and Mexican rice, a salad, and a tiny sweet potato

To die for habanero margaritas from Bahama Mama (They were too spicy for my tastes, but Vonda swears they were totally delish! I wimped out after just one spicy sip.)

Cocos frios - or cold coconuts - bought from a roadside stand and whacked open right in front of us. Delish!

Cold Coronas as we waited for our very first lunch to arrive at a local stand. I don't like beer, but I choked down most of it because I was just so thirsty and hot at that point.

Not pictured -   pizza from Pizza Rocko on Hildago Street (sort of a New York style version but crispier crust) and a to die for dinner of lobster and rolled/stuffed conch at Bahama Mama.  If I can find these later on, I'll be sure to share them.  :)


  1. Looks really delicious! :-)

  2. Oh my word - I would eat almost all of that and that's sayin something!!