Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 Tips for a Cruise on a Catamaran

As a special treat, we decided to indulge in a 3 hour sunset cruise on a catamaran around Isla Mujeres midway through our vacation. Vonda was actually already friends with the tour director on Facebook, so we snagged our tickets at $10 off. While the $79 price tag wasn't cheap, it did include unlimited cocktails and heavy appetizers. Thanks to the joys of Paypal, we soon found ourselves booked for what we hoped would be a fab cruise.

Tip #1: Don't wear a dress on a catamaran cruise. Since I'd only packed sundresses for this trip, I really was pretty limited in this decision. If you insist on a dress, at least wear a long one like Vonda did. A short one is just a bit problematic. Plus, be careful wearing a white dress if you're traveling with a friend. I'm still convinced that our hotel manager thought we got married that night. Hahahaha!

Tip #2: If you take a catamaran cruise, I highly advise glamming it up with some posed shots. I was too shy to let V take pics of me like this, but I love the ones I took of her. This is one of my favorites. She was out there hamming it up like she was on America's Next Top Model or something.

Tip #3: If you are going to wear a dress, particularly a short one, do wear underwear. Let's just say I was flying free on my vacay. Ordinarily, this isn't problematic. I mean, I generally sit in a ladylike way anyway. On this cruise, I had to do wayyy too much worrying about whether I was flashing the crew and other cruisers. (There's a high probability I accidentally did flash a couple of the guests, but they had the good taste not to mention it. Aaacckk!) Don't I look rather stiff and uncomfortable here? But you can't see my ladyparts at least.

Tip #4: Selfies are encouraged. If you go on a tropical vacay, make sure you don't leave your selfie sticks at home like I did. Dufus!

Tip #5: Make friends with the other guests. This family of 5 from Louisiana shared the cruise with us and were lots of fun. (I took this pic surreptitiously before we were friends, afterwards I was too busy laughing to take anymore.)

 Tip #6: Take as many pics of the water as you want. Take pics of the boat. You want to remember this.

Slide in a glamour shot every so often... :)

Tip #7: Take a photo of your tour director. This is Victor Villegas who worked for Tarzan Beach Club and convinced us this would be a fun activity. He was right and was the perfect host. Plus, we had a fascinating conversation about politics and economics.

Tip #8: When it's time for the sunset, don't be shy about using your camera, but do take time also to just enjoy the view and breathe it in without a viewframe in front of your face.

Tip #9: Make sure someone takes a real photo of you, your travel buddy, and the tour director. I like this one of us a lot.

Tip#10: Even if you hate almost every single picture of yourself on the cruise, don't delete the photos. Someday, you'll be less critical and happy that you have them. (Even if I'll prob never wear a white sundress and allow myself to be photographed in it again...keeping it real, people.)

Adios, for now.


  1. You are a riot. That is all. I am thinking more but that's all I can say without getting in trouble! These are awesome pictures!!!!!!!! Makes me wanna go there and do that!

  2. oh i laughed about the lady parts flying free & the white possible wedding dress joke. i wish i was there. it seems like such a fun time. hooray for making new friends, & making new memories. :)

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