Saturday, April 4, 2015

5 Crafty Blogs

I know, I know, this is my own crafty blog. so why am I out here pimping out someone else's online presence? Quite simply because they are fabulous. I don't remember when/how I first got the idea to visit these blogs, but I found a handwritten, pencil list of a bunch of blog addresses in my school bag the other day. During some downtime one evening, I started pulling up these blogs and reading. Immediately, I was hooked on these five. Go check them out; you won't be disappointed! (Oh, and these people don't know I exist and haven't compensated me at all. I'm just sharing them because I think they're great.)

1.Chris and Paige

2. Nicole Reaves

3.Create, Share, Love

4. She Knits and Creates

5. Trisha Harrison

Each of these bloggers has a bit of a different voice and a different style, but I think they are all fresh and inspiring and fun. I hope you'll go take a look and spread some love!

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