Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On My Reading List

I have a list of about 50 books I'd like to read that are about or are set in Paris before I enjoy my long stay there this summer. Reading all 50 is a rather lofty goal, but I plan to work my way through as many of them as I can at least. Here are 10 that are on my to-read list. Please let me know if you've read any of them and what you thought. :)

This is the book that I'm reading right now. The writing is amazing, but it's very dense. Unfortunately, I'm not reading it as quickly as I'd like. I may need to take a bit of a break and read something lighter for a while.

Au revoir et bonne lecture, mon amies! 


  1. These all look good! Looking forward to your reviews!

  2. Before we moved from the UK to New Zealand we considered France for a while and I got through quite a few starting a new life abroad kind of books, I kept a few
    Almost French by Sarah Turnbull
    The Olive Farm series of books by Carol Drinkwater, set in Provence.
    No Going Back, Martin Kirby about moving to an organic farm in Spain. (that one was a TV series too).
    A House Somewhere (Lonely Planet) is a compilation of these kind of stories.
    I also love the photo books, A French Dog and A French Cat, gorgeous.
    I love your idea of a summer in a different place each year, I'd love to do that but on a purely selfish level I do hope you're planning to record a batch of podcasts before you go or are going to be broadcasting live from a cafe table, urban art journal in hand, ideally with Lowder dog and Charlie dog in their berets nibbling croissants under the table, though I imagine they probably have their own summer plans lol. It will come around so fast now, it sounds brilliant. Enjoy.