Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yep, this all really just happened

I have had several moments this week that made me think, "Yep, that really just happened," so I thought it might be fun to share them with you. It's not that they're particularly dramatic for the most part; it's more that they make you stop and go "Hmm..."

1) My principal announced to the entire faculty during a meeting that my friends and I looked like the hosts of The View all lined up on the couch and ready to share our opinions. He seemed to be implying that we're brash or something. All of my other colleagues found this very funny for some reason...

2) I had my very first email conversation in French with Jerry who owns the apartment I'll be renting in Paris this summer. I had to look up a couple of words, but I knew a lot of them too. Nervewracking and exciting at the same time!

3) As I filled my car up with gas this morning on the way to work, I paid only $1.85 per gallon with the lower prices in my area & my gas discount earned at Kroger. A whole tank cost me right at $20!!

4) The fella told me that I looked "absolutely beautiful" in a pic I shared on my blog last week and went on to say that "my eyes sparkled and I looked incredibly happy." How sweet was that? He's so good at building me up; that's something I've never enjoyed in a relationship before this one.

5) On Saturday, the high temp was in the 60s. Last night, the low temp was 3. Welcome to Kentucky, the home of schizophrenic weather no matter the season.

6) Devoured one book - Paris in Love by Eloisa James and began devouring another - Prince Lestat by Anne Rice.

7) My brand new contacts are giving me fits. I'm not sure if my cleaner wasn't doing the trick or if they're a bad fit for me or what. I bought new cleaner today and am hoping for the best. If I can't figure this out on my own, another trip to the eye doctor may be needed. Bummer dude! (I'm just too vain to wear glasses all the time...haha!)

8) I registered for my very first sketching class on Craftsy, Sketchbooks with Paul Heaston. I haven't been feeling very creative lately, so I'm hoping this breaks me out of my funk.

9) Monday night, I slept only 3 hours and then had to function at work like a normal person. I survived. My students surived. No acts of violence were committed. Sometimes it's really hard for me to turn off my brain. :(

10) I've taught a wide variety of topics so far - constructed essay responses for test taking strtegies, excerpts from the Bible, Night (Holocaust literature), Francis Bacon's essay on marriage vs. single life, and the Industrial Revolution. That's quite a collection of topics, isn't it?

The takeaway? Life is entertaining in its combination of the unexpected, the occasionally unwelcome, and the often unplanned. In short, life is pretty great.


  1. * What a sweet thing for your fella to say.
    * Gas prices are good here, too, but not that good. See also: NYS gas tax.
    * Night is one of the most powerful books I've ever read.
    * re: #9 -- when I can't turn my brain off I listen to audio books with comfortable earbuds to fall asleep. Recommended! Also, caffeine can stay in your body for up to ten hours after you ingest it -- after way too many years of not being able to fall asleep, cutting off the caffeine intake earlier in the day really helped.