Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend plans & a favor

What are your weekend plans?

Here are some things I have on tap for the coming weekend:

- Massage scheduled after school today courtesy of a gift from one of my friends; I can't wait!

- Record podcast and have lunch with Tracie on Saturday

- Clean laundry room so a friend of mine can help me with my dryer vent problem next week

- Gel manicure appointment - my fingers are looking rough!

- Continue December Daily - just 9 more days to complete

- Exchange items at Ross

Of course, I have ordinary things that I do every weekend like stop by the grocery and work on laundry and change the bedding, etc. Regular life does go on, ya know. The fella and I will hang out on Sunday night, but the rest of the time I'll do my own thing since this is a kid weekend. This weekend looks to be great since it's just the right combo of time with others and alone time. I do need time alone to recharge. Anybody else out there feel the same way?

I think this is a good combination of fun things and chores. While I try not to live for the weekend, I do find that relaxing, unhurried weekends recharge me like nothing else. I hope your weekend is at least partly relaxing. :)

**Here's my favor to ask - Do you know anyone currently living in France or who has traveled there extensively? I'd love to pick that person's brain for tips and info and recommendations. If so, feel free to ask him/her to email me at  Thanks a bunch!

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