Friday, January 16, 2015

A quiet evening

After my heartbreaking day on Wednesday, all I could think about yesterday was going home and hibernating for the evening. Unfortunately, Thursday hadn't been a great day either, but I knew the comfort of home would be exactly what I needed.

Sure, my debit card didn't work at the Minit Mart this morning even though there was plenty of money in my account to cover my $1.05 purchase. Sure, I came home to find roadkill at the edge of my driveway - a squirrel. Sure, I made dinner that was inedible; I finally threw it away and just ate peanut butter and crackers instead. Sure, my online banking site was still down at 9 p.m. which prevented me from figuring out the problem from this morning.

In spite of all of these facts, I thoroughly enjoyed my lovely, quiet evening.

I snuggled with Lowder-dog and Charlie-dog.  Kelsey came by and grocery shopped from my pantry, so I was able to catch up with her for a few minutes. Tracie called and chatted with me for a while, hoping to raise my spirits.

I enjoyed reading more of Prince Lestat, hung out on Pinterest for a while, and watched American Idol. I even sat and simply enjoyed my view from the chaise lounge in my living room.

In spite of a difficult week, I know that I'm still blessed with a good life and amazing friends. And I'm on the cusp of a three day weekend to relax and recharge - truly a reason to be thankful. :)  I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you too!

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  1. I read your post yesterday and my iPad wouldn't cooperate for commenting. It's funny how I remember so vividly some of my high school teachers - they made such a great impression on me that their contributions are still with me over 25 years later. (Hey! When did I get old!?) I know in my heart that many, many of your students feel the same way. You know it too - the way they seek you out for council and comfort. The way they come back to visit you! You're doing a good job, Tiffany. I know from your writing and the way you talk about school on Scrap Gals that you put your heart and soul in your work. You do make a difference. You're reaching them and touching their hearts - even if they aren't good at filling out questionnaires. Hope you have a weekend filled with time that lifts your spirits and fills your soul.