Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 'ing List

The currently list for December 2014...

Listening to Uptown FunkDon'tI'm Not the Only One, and Lips Are Movin'. Yes, I'm unashamedly a fan of pop music, so judge me if you will.

Reserving hotel and flights for my trip to Paris next summer. I just finalized the apartment I'm renting through Airbnb. If you're interested in using their service to either rent lodging for yourself or to list your lodging, please consider using me as a referral www.airbnb.com/c/tlowder1?s=8. (They have an incentive program for people who use their service.) I'm still working on flight arrangements and trying to decide if I'll stay for a month or six weeks.

Here's a pic of the sweet little studio I have reserved. It's a ground floor studio space with private bathroom and kitchen in a bustling neighborhood in Paris; I don't think it will be very touristy, so it should give me a rather authentic experience. I'm super excited about it, especially since there's room enough for some of my friends to come visit and stay with me if they'd like.

Shopping for just a handful of gifts to finish up my Christmas list. I need two "nice" Santa gifts (as opposed to dirty Santa), some goodies for the pups, and one more thing for the fella. I'm feeling pretty good about having it 90% finished. I should finish those things this weekend and be able to avoid the mall the week of Christmas.

Planning to wrap presents when I get home from work today. I dread it, but it must be done.

Figuring out an insurance nightmare involving the payroll department at my job and my fsa from 2013. I despise working with insurance companies; have I mentioned that?

Watching The Borgias right now. I'm on season 3 and am already dreading the end of the series. It's very well-done. so I'd recommend it as long as a bit of violence, sex, and language don't bother you terribly.  Even as a Catholic, I find the fictionalized tale of this infamous pope to be fantastic.

Thanking my lucky stars that I have two and a half weeks of no work coming up - time to recharge and renew and relax. Maybe I'll even get crafty. :)

Wearing lots of dresses and boots. Y'all prob already know that I prefer to wear dresses, and that's true even in the wintertime. Wearing boots with them means I don't usually have to bother with tights. (shudder!) Here are some dresses I love for your perusal...

I have several wrap dresses and absolutely love them. They're a great option for girls who tend to be curvy like me. The print on this one is fabulous.

Sheath dresses are a perennial favorite of mine too. I like this one with the unexpected color scarf. I have several print sheath dresses (wearing one now in fact), so I need to experiment with some different scarves to layer with them.

 How cute is this combination! I love the simple sheath dress with the oxford layered underneath and the statement necklace on top. I have these things, so I need to experiment with this too. Wouldn't something like this be perfect for early spring?

Cleaning out my little guest room that is currently filled with Christmas gifts and my large guest room that is currently filled with tons of clothes and shoes and stuff I generally don't know where else to put. With any luck, the little guest room will be finis tonight, so I'll only have the large guest room to work on over Christmas break. (And no, I won't be sharing pics of my mess with you...)

Trying to motivate myself to eat better and get some exercise. I've been a slug for much too long. I'm not going to deny myself here at the holidays, but I could get off my a** and move the old bod a little bit.

What are the -ing statuses of your life? Bye chickies!


  1. Love all those dresses. I couldn't pull off the yellow one, but I like the layering look.

    1. I'm afraid I'd get too hot with all the layering, but I just love the look!

  2. Tiffany - We rented an apartment in Paris a few years ago and absolutely loved it. We were the only non-Parisians in the building. It was a great experience. We had an open air market the next block over and shopped there several times. We were only there for 2 weeks so I am envious of your ability to stay for and extended period. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

    1. Janet, I'm so thrilled to hear that you had a great experience! I'd love to hear more about any tips or stories you'd be willing to share. Feel free to email me at lowdertiff@gmail.com if you would. I'm beyond excited! Today, I booked my airfare. It's starting to feel real...