Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily - days 7-8

Here I am today, albeit a little bit later than usual, ready to share my DD pages for days 7 and 8.  I only had an hour last night to make these two pages happen. Literally, only an hour. I set the timer on my phone and got busy in between doing phone conferences for my online class and meeting the fella for dinner and an evening together. When you've just got an hour to work, your approach needs to be simple and streamlined. Mine definitely was this time around.

I started with day 7 which was a Sunday. On Sundays, I prefer to bum around the house in my pajamas all day, so nobody wanted to see any of my pics from that day. I decided to use a picture of Charlie-dog and use the story of trimming his hair for the story of this day. It's not technically a selfie, but it was something real that happened that day. (Are y'all going to boycott me for having a couple of non-selfie pics in my album? I sure hope not.)

Albums that have different size pages in them are my fave, so I decided to make this a 4 X 8 page. I trimmed down my pic of Charlie-dog to a 4 X 4 from its original 4 X 6 size and put it at the bottom of the page since it had heavy visual weight with the dark colors. The cream tag for the journaling fit perfectly between the holes for the binding. (More on that in another post. Let's just say I'm going to start with punching the holes from now on. I have a page early in my album to redo because it looks like I have a third eyeball with the binding hole. Drats!)

Supplies wise, I used the plaid paper, number sticker, cream label tab, cream tag, striped twine, and gold ribbon from the OA kit I ordered. I added the gold foil trimmed snowman chipboard piece (mainly because I jacked up my handwriting underneath him) from American Crafts.

The back of that smaller page holds the journaling and title for my day 8. You can see that spread here.

I used the back of the plaid paper as the background for the skinny page and layered it with lots of OA products - title card, striped paper, dotted tape, quote strip. Then I added an old Jenni Bowlin card for journaling because the colors were so perfect and lots of Jenni Bowlin gold stars across the page. Notice that the gold ribbon from the front continues onto the back just right. That was a happy accident.

On the facing page, I cut apart a 4 X 6 picture collage that I printed at home, mainly because I didn't want one of the binding holes to be through my face. Haha! I used the gold star paper from the OA kit as well as more of the striped paper and gold dotted tape. The scalloped circle sticker is from an older OA line and the black number is from an old American Crafts sticker sheet I think. More of Jenni Bowlin's gold star rubons decorate the scalloped circle to give it some continuity and pizazz. It just seemed weird to leave that big sticker totally blank except for the letter.

One more time, here are the pages as they appear in my 7

And day 8...

Are you keeping up with your DD each day? Some of the time, I feel like a DD failure since I'm more than a week behind. Other days, I feel super proud that I've managed to complete any of it. Three more days of work and I should be able to craft much more...I'm just trying to hang in there at this point. Tell me how you're managing it all; maybe I'll feel inspired. :)


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