Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily - days 5-6

Today, I'm sharing days 5 and 6 of my December Daily album. Honestly, I'm struggling with this day 5 page. I went with a smaller size, and it's not turning smoothly in my album. I may have to go back and tweak it some, so don't be surprised if that happens. I like the overall design of day 5, but the difficulty turning the page is driving me nuts. We'll see what happens.

Here's a look at the back side of day 5. I included a tag with journaling, a bumped up title block, and my ticket from that event.  I like how the ribbon on the tag sticks out at the top of the page. Notice that I repeated the wooden stars from the front onto the back as well for continuity.

Here's a closer look at the journaling.

Here's a look at day 6. For it, I used an ancient folder that had been collecting dust for years. (I feel really good about mixing old and new products!) The title block, patterned paper,  number, and dotted tape are all from the OA kit for DD. The gold star rubons and gold mist were part of my stash from stuff I got this summer.

Here's a look at the back of day 5 on the left and the beginning of day 6 on the right. the fella was a good sport and willingly took the selfie of us in front of one of the Christmas trees at the museum. (He is tall and has long arms, so he takes the BEST selfies. Lol!)

When you open the folder, on the left I included an OA vintage looking card that I had a while and a Jenni Bowlin shaped journaling spot that I've had a while too. The patterned paper is from the current OA kit. I also put a pic of the outside of the museum there since I have so few scenery shots in my DD thus far. On the right hand side of the folder, I stapled in one of the brochures from the museum we visited. The gold dotted tape on both sides of the folder creates continuity and is from the current OA kit as well. Notice that I repeated the gold star rubons on the pic and on the folder tab.

A closer look at the journaling for that page...

And on the back of the folder is a selfie of me trying on a Stetson in the museum store. I thought it was a fun, personal way to end the layout for day 6. I love how Welcome peeks out of the layout from the front and Tickets peeks out from the back of the layout. That little detail makes me very happy.

I'll let you know what happens with day 5 that won't turn easily. I predict I may have to disassemble and reassemble it somehow with larger holes or something, idk.

How are your DDs going so far? Are you enjoying the process or feeling stressed out or dreading it or what? I think all of the above would be accurate for me thus far. Catch ya later in the week with a few more pages hopefully.

Bye for now!


  1. This is looking so cute! Lots of personality and fun elements. Your album seems to fit your personal holiday style well (it goes well with the vintage decor in your home.)

    I was looking forward to DD a lot, but my evenings have featured trying to encourage a grouchy 10-year-old to do her math instead of being able to craft. I'd get so grouchy myself by the time the homework was done and I'd finally gotten her to bed that I wasn't in the mood. *insert sad trombone noise here*

    But last night I finally got my posterior in gear and got started!

    ~ Laura

    1. I'm glad to hear you've managed to start! I can't imagine doing homework again, but I remember when my daughter was small that we had some of those fights and tears and struggles with math too. :( It's awesome that you've decided to start - it's never too late, right? I checked out your first days and LOVE the little banner you made! You also have great handwriting, so I'm excited to see it throughout your album. Way to go!

  2. caute!! you are doing a great job!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank ya ma'am - I'm still plugging away at it... :)