Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Since I've been off work, I've indulged in music and television and surfing the net and even some retail therapy. Here are my recommendations for you based on my own experiences lately. (And no, none of these places/people/things are sponsoring my comments.)

To watch
1. Tell Me You Love Me on HBOGO
2. Californication on Netflix
3. Marco Polo on Netflix
4. Ascension on SyFy

To listen to
1. Ed Sheeran's X
2. Meghan Trainor's Title
3. Sam Smith's In the Lonely Hour
4. The John Mayer station on Pandora - trust me, it's fab

Artsy spots to visit online
1. Strathmore
2. Creative Doodling
3. ArtGraphica
4. Making a Mark

To buy
1. Selfie stick from Walgreen's
2. Photo Editor + app
3. Sierra Mist Diet Cranberry Splash - so refreshing!
4. Paris in Love by Eloisa James

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