Monday, December 1, 2014

Mojo Monday - painted Christmas decor

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Lorie and I had a bit of a painting party. It was freezing outside, so I covered the floor of my living room with some kraft paper, and we got to work there. Here's a view of our work in progress.
The most important part of this picture is the empty bottle of wine in the middle of the floor. Crafting is hard work; wine makes it better. Then again, I think wine makes everything better. ;)

Lorie and her husband are having an addition put on their house, so she's been saving the scrap wood from the project for a couple of months. Her husband was sweet enough to cut the wood in manageable lengths and shapes for us. Thanks Junior!
Here are a couple of my snowmen in progress in the foreground and some of Lorie's snowmen in the background. She worked with the Annie Sloan chalk paint and some of the wax, but I took a lazier approach and just worked with regular paint.
The dogs stayed out of the way mostly, but you can see Charlie-dog walking around and checking out our progress here.
Aren't Lorie's snowmen sweet? She's going to add fabric or knitted hats and scarves to each of them and display them as a group I think.
I also wanted to work on a series of trees. Using some stencils that I had lying around, I made four painted trees in pink and aqua with silver glitter accents. I think they'll look great with some pastel snowmen that I've purchased.
Here's a closeup of my snowpeople. I think I'll display them with their sides against the fireplace so it looks like they're leaning up against it. I like that they are primitive and sweet.
I have several chunky, thick trees that I want to work with soon. I'm thinking of covering them with this texturizing stuff that Lorie has and then glittering them heavily, but I'm not sure. Looks like I need to get started on it soon since it's already December. :0
 Finally, here's a painted sign that Lorie worked on during our crafty days. I think it looks great. She plans to add a hanger and a large bow at the top. She used some of my stencils to get the letters just right. I think I want to make a sign like that too. Yeah, I need to get busy.
What Christmas crafting do you have in store?

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  1. oooo i do hope you add the texturizing stuff to the trees. i like the pastel palette. hello cutie pie snow people. me christmas craft? hahahaha. does maybe considering doing a mini holiday album count? we'll see if i get around to it.