Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Daily Plan 2014 - best laid plans

How did John Steinbeck put it? Something like 'the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Okay, so that's prob not an exact quote, but you get the gist. My December Daily plan has already gone awry, and it's not even December yet. (Btw, if you're unfamiliar with December Daily, please go check out Ali Edwards who founded this project and then go listen to our podcast at The ScrapGals. If you'd like, you can also check out past examples of mine and Tracie's December Daily albums by clicking on our photos at ScrapGals to link to our individual blogs. -- If you already know all about DD, you just wasted the last 10 seconds of your life reading this parenthetical reference.)

Ali has a DD kit for sale through SC; at $100 for the kit, I just wasn't sold on the combination of products. I love Ali and her concept, but I didn't feel any great urge to rush out and order this kit. I think it has some fabulous elements, certainly. Since I was unsure in general, though I didn't purchase it.Here are some pics:

I do adore this album with the DD logo on it. That's really my fave thing about the kit, but I know I wouldn't take enough care with a white album; it's just not realistic for me to get.

The DD items are still for sale on Ali's blog along with digital brushes and other products that she sells. If I can get picmonkey figured out, I may have to snag some of those digital brushes. Be sure to check out her items if you're interested, and def watch her videos and check out old examples of her DD. They rock!

My original plan was to make a DD this year using all the products that I've gathered over the years. I have plenty of materials from which to choose. I haven't run out of Christmas products in the slightest. When I looked at the big basket of stuff, I just wasn't feeling very inspired. I also wasn't very excited about doing an entire mini album of Christmas memories. It felt like I'd be searching for old pics constantly and that it might be a little depressing too. (My mom died suddenly just after Christmas in 2001, so this time of year can be rough for me.)

The first thing that happened was that one of our podcast listeners, Merrick, gave me a fabulous idea on a comment she left about the DD podcast. She suggested I make a DD this year and call it "Have YourSelfie a Merry Little Christmas." Is that not the best idea you've ever heard? Omg. When I read that, I instantly knew she was right. I'm already kind of infamous for my selfie action; what better way to document that even further than by doing a selfie version of a DD? So my first problem was solved. Suddenly, I had inspiration for a DD but no product that inspired me.

Last week, I was a bad, bad girl. I heard about the DD kit that October Afternoon had for sale and just had to buy it. See it here. Check out their picture below; isn't it lovely goodness?

Everything about this kit excites me. I can't wait to play with it. I love the colors and the vintage vibe and the papers and the embellishments and...  Well, you get the picture. I did control myself and only ordered the basic kit; basically it cost me $79 once I'd paid for shipping. That's a lot of money for a DD, but I do like to splurge every now and then. Plus, it's October Afternoon; that's like my crack in scrapbooking.

I had sort of decided based on our DD podcast that aired a couple of weeks ago, that maybe I did need to work on my foundation pages ahead of time. Do you hear that Tracie? I'm saying you're right...kind of...probably...and that I was going to listen to your advice.  That's all well and good.
Except for the fact that my kit hasn't arrived, hasn't even shipped yet. (Insert sad row of emojis here.)

Isn't it sad that I can't play with these yummy papers yet? Let that sink in for a moment.

These adorable memory cards haven't arrived yet either. (Sad violin music playing now...) I posted on their blog and asked about shipping information; even though they said I'd hear about shipping sometime on Wednesday, I haven't heard anything yet. I'm still holding out hope. Maybe it'll arrive in tomorrow's mail, and they're just behind on sending out shipping info. Maybe I'll get it on Monday which is December 1st. Trying to stay positive here, but I want to play with my OA deliciousness.

I guess I could work on some other things in the meantime and select my album. I still haven't done that yet. Stay tuned for more info about my DD plans and progress. I'll try to keep up, dear friends, but we both know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hahaha!

 Catch ya tomorrow!

(Disclaimer: neither Ali Edwards nor October Afternoon had anything to do with this blog post. I'm just sharing my opinions and experiences and process.)

Update:  Before I left town yesterday, my OA Christmas kit arrived via FedEx!!!!! I'm so excited! Ironically, the email about shipping arrived after my kit had already been delivered, but I don't even care. I'm thrilled that my December kit arrived before December 1st. Now, I need to spend the afternoon today working on planning some pages and pictures for the coming week. Just thought I'd share the update with you here at the end of the post that I planned on Friday. I'm so glad to be corrected. :)


  1. Love hearing about your thought process and can't wait to see your pages!

  2. it looks gorgeous, I'm very envious and can't wait to see the progress

  3. I'm so so so so so so so so so so so jealous of that OA kit.

  4. that IS some December yumminess!!!