Friday, December 12, 2014

December Daily Update - days 3 and 4

If you're like me, then I always have the best of intentions but don't always follow through with them. Sometimes it's because I'm super busy, and sometimes it's because I'm lazy. The last couple of weeks, I've been much busier than I have been lazy.

So, yeah. That's why it's now December 12, and I've only finished four days. Guess what? That's totally okay. I'm still enjoying the process and still chugging along through the process. I only have one more week of work, and then I should have plenty of time to actually get caught up and work on each day as it happens. That sounds really fun right about now.

Here's an overview of day 3 - it focuses on a former student who came by my classroom for a visit. I love it when they do that! It's fun to see how they've grown up and to hear of their successes.

 The green embellishment is a vintage Christmas image that I printed for free on my home printer. I used an OA label and number sticker for the date and added some gold star rubons from Jenni Bowlin to dress it up a bit.
 For the title, I played off of the title already included in the vintage art. Now it reads "Happy Christmas from Former Kiddos." I think that sums up the point of the layout nicely. Again, I used letter stickers from the OA DD kit.
There wasn't much to say about the photo that the title didn't already cover, so I finished things off by adding an OA label and wrote the student's name on it.
It's hard to tell in the pic, but I repeated the rubon gold stars on the photo on the vintage art to create some continuity across the layout.

The second layout I did is one that I'm really pleased with the result. It's a two page spread, the first of those that I've included in my DD this year. I started with a background of pink cardstock and added some OA papers to create a base for my journaling card and photo.
On the left, I added the popped up title card that came with the OA kit and then used some PL cards that fit in nicely with the color scheme for my journaling and subtitle. The subtitle came from the OA kit as did the number 4. The round journaling spot is from an old OA Christmas sticker sheet. I wrote my journaling by hand because it was the easiest approach and makes my mini-album a bit more personal.
Close-up of the title block - note that I used sequins in groups of threes to create flow across the layout. The sequins are on the title card on the left and again at the bottom of the photo on the edge of patterned paper.
On the right side of the layout, I layered a doily underneath my photo and added another text strip to the top. I also put a flair piece and a button on the corner to draw your eye to the photo. (Sorry for the weird light glow on the right hand side of the pic; I took these photos at night...)
Here's another overview of the layout - I really like the soft colors and the subtle reinforcement of the twinkling light theme. Plus, I like this selfie that I managed to capture for the layout. Soft light and filters make old girl look a little younger. Hahaha!
And a reminder of my day 3 layout before you go...

How are you coming along on your DD? I bet you guys are kicking my butt in keeping up with the album each day! I'd love to see what you've accomplished so far, so please feel free to share. :)

Happy crafting!

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  1. It's good to know I'm not the only one whose tree is missing the ornaments. :) My tree only has the lights, some garland, and the star on top!