Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 10 ways to spend a Saturday

Any time of year, but especially during the colder months, here are my top 10 ways to spend a free Saturday. As someone who often overschedules myself without thinking, you'll notice that most of these activities are solitary and home-based. That's not accidental.

1. Sleep late. Maybe that's only 8:30 or so, but I do love to wake up without an alarm.

2. Lounge in bed.  Watch tv or read or just snuggle the pups, but I love being able to wake up and lounge around instead of having to rush off somewhere.

3. Make something good to eat for brunch. Sausage and eggs or omelettes or orange sweet rolls or something would be my usual choice.

4.  Soak in the bathtub. Take a long bath and read or listen to music while you're there. Let your fingers and toes prune up.Work on softening your hooves if you're like me. (Lol - I wish I were kidding.)

5.  Go somewhere. By this, I mean wander around Kohl's or Target aimlessly. Check out the local farmer's market. Visit your favorite local boutique. Stop in HL or Michael's and check out the new merchandise. You don't have to buy anything, but just getting out and looking around without being on a schedule can be fun.

6.  Read or write something. Saturdays are also a great time to journal or to read something for fun. I love to curl up in my rocking chair on the deck or on the chaise lounge in my living room and get lost in a book for a couple of hours.

7.  Attend Mass. Okay, I haven't been to Saturday Mass in like three months, but it's my favorite time to go to church. Services on Saturdays are more relaxed, less rushed, less busy than on Sunday, plus it allows me to sleep in for both days of the weekend. (Being honest!) It's mainly made up of families with teens and single people, so there's less of the family vibe at that service too. Unfortunately, this only works for me if I plan my errands/gong somewhere to end at about the same Mass would start. Otherwise, I don't get out of my house and make the trek to church. (Need to do better about this.)

8.  Make something fun.  Saturday is often crafty time for me. If I'm home all day, I have a tendency to chunk my time into 2-3 hour sections. What better way to spend 3 hours on Saturday afternoon than back in my office scrapbooking or making some other craft.

9. Go on a date. Okay, this isn't at home, but I do love to go out on Saturday night. Preferably, we'd do something adult. Dinner and a movie or a play or a concert or even listening to live music and dancing. Saturday night seems like it should be for couple time.

10. Watch a movie. Conveniently, this works whether you're single or attached, with kids or without, old or young. It could be at the theater or at home in my living room, but there's something about a Saturday night that screams movie time to me.

What would your perfect Saturday look like? I'd love to know. :)


  1. I so wish my church would do a Saturday night service.

  2. My Saturday list looks pretty much the same. LOVE no alarm days! Not having an agenda is always a good thing too!