Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014 Recap

Since I wasn't really in the Halloween spirit this year, I didn't dress up or anything at school. I didn't even decorate for Halloween and still haven't decorated for fall. Idk why that is exactly; maybe I've just been so focused on other things that I haven't been in the mood to decorate. Hmm, I need to address that before the Christmas season begins.

Never fear though, I do have some Halloween pics to share with you. 

Kelsey and Jake decided to go as zombie versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, weird but strangely adorable. First, she concentrated on their makeup jobs.

Then, Jake gave her pointers about how zombified mice would behave. Check out the beady eyes and greedy claws.

Here, they're practicing zombie mice moves outside their house.

I happen to like this pic better - smiling, zombified mice are sorta cute.

Here, Kelsey poses with her friend Emily who went as the "We Can Do It" poster child from WWII.

I've asked Kelsey for more pictures, but since she and Jake spent most of their Halloween going to various local bars, those pics may not be suitable for sharing here on the blog. Twenty somethings do love to party, people.

Here are some of my cuties that I snapped a photo of at school on Halloween morning. We have a ballerina, a Walking Dead survivor, maybe a Waldo, the guy from Blow, a ninja turtle without her shell, a wolf, and a sugar skull. At least that's what I think they all are; I forgot to ask them. Oops!

For her dance classes with little kids, Kelsey dressed up as a regular Minnie Mouse most of the week. She thought being zombie Minnie might freak them out. I do like regular Minnie with her retro cat's eye glasses. Anybody else see the irony in that? Anyway...

Here she is posing with one of her ballet classes on Saturday morning after Halloween. Aren't they adorbs? Kelsey teaches ballet, jazz, tap, and a combo class to students age 2 through 12 and occasionally substitutes in classes for the older girls too. These little ones drive her nuts and keep her really excited about dance at the same time.

On Halloween night, Lowder-dog and I headed to Lorie's house for food, cocktails, and craftiness. Here, you can see him making sure I'm going in the right direction. Lowder-dog leaves nothing to chance.

Yes, he finally sat down in the car, but he maintained his regal posture the entire way. That dog is a mess, people, a mess!  Doesn't he look like a little prince here?

I hope your Halloween was amazing. Maybe I'll be more in the spirit next year and will drag out a costume or make a new one. Au revoir!

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  1. don't fret it, I have had seasons where I didn't change the decor but then something happens & boom, the itch is back & I get back on track :) this year I didn't swap the fall for Halloween just to swap it back for Thanksgiving like 'normal' for me. I just stayed w/Fall & plan to swap to Christmas the first week of December. Love the pics!!