Saturday, November 22, 2014

DVD Reorganization

A few months ago, I bought a vintage chest from the 1960s and put it under my television in my living room. It accomplished two goals - hide most of the cords under my tv and provide ample storage for my rather large dvd collection. Here's a glimpse at the chest with the drawers open.

Here's a closeup of my stored dvds, this time mostly television series - man, I love a tv series

More dvds

I briefly thought about organizing the dvds alphabetically, but that sounds like a lot of work that wouldn't be any fun. At least they're all in drawers and facing the same directions. Lol!

Now that this antique cabinet is mostly empty, I'll have to figure out what things I want to store or display in it. That's still a work in progress right now.

It may be a rather small thing, but I'm really happy about my 'new' dvd storage and the possibilities for displaying things in my antique china cabinet. Eventually, I'll post the finished version too.

Peace out! :)


  1. Oh my word, alphabetizing is one of the joys of my life. LOL! This looks great!

  2. well done !! Want to come over and complete mine for me :)

  3. way to go! I do have to agree w/Tracie on this one, I would have to alphabetize mine (& I do-even when they are stored in a tote) :)