Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vacay lessons

1) Avoid lying on a towel face down in the sand - yesterday, a crab crawled out of my top after doing so. Aaaccckkk!

2) A cocktail shaker creates the most lovely cocktails - get thee to a Target quickly; run don't walk.

3) Everyone reaches a point where you just can't wear wet clothing anymore. Mine is roughly 5:30 pm.

4) The beach is eerily serene and beautiful at 2:30 a.m. under the light of a full moon. I do not recommend exploring alone at that time though.

5) People watching is often as entertaining as reading a book. I like to watch our beach neighbors and imagine the stories of their lives. Of course, I probably juice up those stories as compared to reality. Lol!

I'm sure I'll have more lessons to add by the time I return - for now, I'll leave you with a couple of pics.

Ciao, beach babes!


  1. looks lovely! I like to invent stories about strangers myself :) how funny!