Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A beautiful day indeed

Welcome to Cape San Blas, Florida, a gorgeous, sleepy little town about 90 minutes from where we're staying.

The sand was like baby powder and sugar. Today was brighter and hotter than the others we've had, but the blowing breeze kept us cool.
The beach was sleepy, quiet, serene even with families and kids scattered among the dunes. I read and chatted and soaked in the scenery.
The sunset was subtle on the horizon, lighting the sky a soft orangey gold. I only snapped this pic with my phone bc I wanted to savor the moment. I watched. I breathed the salt air. I waded in the shallows and let the wind dance through my hair.
The bonfire flickered against the sand under the light of a full moon. The smell of wood permeated the air and my clothes, but I loved it. It was my very first beach bonfire, so I'm grateful that I could savor it. 

There was food and fellowship and friendship. This family made me feel welcomed and included. They fed me amazingly well - a home style shrimp boil. They treated me as an honored guest rather than a tagalong on their family visit. They hugged me goodbye when I left and made me want to visit again.

Today, I laughed and joked and danced and wrote my name in the sand. I drank too many apple ales but didn't have enough s'mores. I took only a few pics, but I possess a multitude of memories. It was a truly beautiful day.


  1. sounds like a perfect day on your fall break!

  2. Bonfires on the beach--perfection!

  3. I agree, Robin and Kim! It was a pretty perfect day. :)