Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This week's to-do list

Ever feel like your to-do list keeps growing? I mean, I'm at the point right now that my to-do list has become so large that I've stopped writing it down. Of course, the result is that absolutely nothing is getting done in my life. Except fun. I'm really good at getting fun done. And relaxing. If I could just fill my list with things like shower, eat, read, rest, watch tv, hang with friends, etc., I'd be able to check off every blasted item. Alas, there's much more to be done as you well know.

In the spirit of my to-do list, I thought I'd publicly 'out' my most pressing items to accomplish. That way, maybe I'll feel so guilty that I'll actually get them done. Sneaky, no? Here ya go, these are the 5 things I really want to accomplish in my personal life before next week...

1.  Change out closets for fall/winter season (yes, that's plural - don't judge, people)
2.  Clean out my car (it's not filled with stuff or anything; it's just dirty inside and out)
3.  Organize laundry room (hey, at least it's almost all clean laundry and not dirty)
4.  Drop off items at Goodwill (stacks of things in trunk and guest room, unrelated to closet #1)
5.  Clean out refrigerator (there's some scary stuff in there since I was on vacay for a week)

This reminds me of a bit that George Carlin used to do about 'stuff.' He'd say we buy boxes (stuff) so we have a place to store our stuff and then need bigger houses for our stuff in boxes and it goes on and on.  Note to self: maybe I need less stuff in order to manage it more effectively. Now, that's radical thinking...I'm not ready.

Notice I didn't put anything fun on my list. I have no trouble with the fun stuff; it's the mundane chores that apparently are tripping me up in life. Wonder which lovely item I'll tackle first...


  1. Great list!!!! I love this whole post. :)

    1. Lol - I'm such a loser that I didn't get ANY of it accomplished. In fact, it's two weeks later and nothing is done. Oh well, you know I kind of roll that way. Hahahaha!