Monday, October 13, 2014

Hobby Lobby inspiration pieces

Do you have an itch to create something? I do, for sure. Ever since I went to the Handmade Harvest Fair a couple of weekends ago with my bestie, I've been thinking about making some cuteness for my house. (A future post this week will focus on the Handmade Harvest Fair, btw.) 

My bestie and I stopped in her brand new Hobby Lobby in Hendersonville, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, and I totally enjoyed checking out all the new merchandise. It seems like they had all kinds of products that I hadn't seen in my local store. In particular, here are a few things that caught my eye.

Aren't these banners adorbs? These particular ones were made of painted metal, but you could easily make them from fabric or from paper. I want a banner everywhere - at work, in my living room, in my craft room. Heck, I'm even tempted to hang one up in the bathroom. Lol!

How pretty is this lettering print? I mean, couldn't I do something similar with my printer and some stamps/inks/paints? It's also possible to make little flowers like this by cutting the shapes out of scrapbook paper. Why haven't I taken the time to do this? I could literally do one for every season or for every room in my house if I wanted.

This painted canvas was super cool too. I liked that it's a mixed media project incorporating canvas, paint, and metal. I have canvases. I have paint. I have stencils. I have old coat hangers that I could twist into shapes. This is a workable project too, but I bet it'd be pretty time intensive.

More banner love, people - this time it's a combination of paint, burlap, and chalkboard pieces. I could sooo do this. Why on earth haven't I done so? Bad Tiffany, bad Tiffany.

These last two sweet little pieces incorporate painted wooden 'frames' or backgrounds with burlap banners. Oh. For. Cute. I want to make these things right now.

Alas, I spent last week at the beach and am back at work today, so it's not likely that these big projects will be undertaken until next weekend. Maybe I should just use this time to plan and prep. Which of these projects would you do first and why? I'd love to hear. :)


  1. I spent the weekend scrapping to your podcasts. even though I have heard them all now, I just scroll to one that peaks my interest at the moment & Hit play.. then it goes right on to the next one & before I know it, its 3AM! thanks to you girls, I have revamped how I scrap & have completed 5 birthday chapters over the past 3 weeks! THANK YOU!

    1. Girl, you've gotten way more done than I have! In my defense, I've also been writing and podcasting instead of scrapbooking, but I've pencilled in some time this weekend to get busy on some of my long put off scrappy projects. I'm so glad we've managed to inspire you and entertain you a little bit though. :)