Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Random life pics

I'm sure some of y'all follow me on social media (instagram and facebook and twitter and stuff), but I realize that there are those of you who only see the things that I post here on my blog. In that spirit, I thought I'd share some of the random photos from my life  for the past week. Hope you enjoy...

 Rainy road to Tracie's house just outside of Nashville...see the sun trying to peek through the clouds there.
 My daily addiction - I stop each morning on my way to work at the Minit Mart and fill up a large coke. The ladies there know me since I've been doing this for 20 years now.
 A recent trip to the Liquor Barn before I hosted a little dinner party; the 11% case discount meant I tried several new wines this trip. (I'm no big spender; each bottle was in the $8 range. Hahaha!)
 One of my kiddos, Emani, wanted to pose for a selfie in the computer lab last week and post it on twitter. Here ya go, girlie, you're famous!

 Here are a couple of shots with some former kiddos who come by my room daily to visit, get snacks, etc. Harley, the blonde, even uses a shelf in my room as a locker. Smh! It was 9/11, so everyone was encouraged to wear patriotic clothes/colors.
 Selfie time...
Big Dev posed with a former student's shield and sword (actually yardstick) to demonstrate to my freshman history class the shields we were going to make for a class project. I should have more to share at some point because they're doing their presentations this week.
Sergeant's dog, Lily, spent the weekend at my house while he was out of town. She looks pretty much at home, doesn't she?

While these pics certainly aren't of any major events and wouldn't win an photography prizes, I think they're a fun glimpse into what's been going on in my life the last week or so. What's been going on in yours?


  1. I have mostly photos like these on my phone right now! the party announcement from the paper of my grandparents' anniversary we are celebrating this weekend, the new sticker letter organizer I am trying out, the paper cubes I was hauling to my Aunt last weekend, the cowboy caviar I made for the gathering last Saturday...

  2. oh my gosh, you're already doing all the stuff i suggested in the comment i just left you a second ago about blog topic ideas. feel free to totally delete that comment. also my typos there were horrendous, but if i were to delete it then someone would automatically think i wrote something bad. no i just felt redundant is all. yes i read your newest posts before your oldest.