Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Travel abroad - Coming home

You knew it had to happen sometime. We've reached the end of our European adventure from this summer. I hope you've enjoyed checking out the pics of our adventure, and I hope you might have been inspired to travel or to photograph your travels based on the things I've shared.  In the realm of keeping things real, I thought I'd share some final pictures with you of our group as we made our way all the way from Amsterdam to Atlanta to Nashville to Bowling Green. We're a bit of a ragtag group by this point, but we did manage to make it home safely.

 On the bus from our hotel to the airport in Amsterdam...we were some tired pups for sure.
 Giant stack of luggage as kids grabbed last minute snacks at the airport before boarding
 One final group shot after we cleared security at Amsterdam's airport - some of them are even smiling. Haha!
 We didn't experience any flight probs or delays until we tried to fly from Atlanta to Nashville; we ended up being delayed by about 3 hours in all. This shot is of the first delay...
 Yeah, this is Widener shutting down for a nap in the airport. Before we left Amsterdam, he informed me that he was done taking care of other people's kids. Lol! I think he was a bit tired by this point. Thankfully, I hung in there with them until we actually landed in Nashville.
 Some kiddos read in the airport; some ate; some napped; some played cards.
 And others lined up in this bizarre massage train that you see here.
 Still, most people chose to sleep...
 And sleep some more...
Anywhere they could find a spot to stretch out, they slept. I stayed awake so I could hear the announcements about delays, boarding, etc. Somebody had to do the grownup teacher thing, you  know.

There are no pics of our arrival in Nashville; frankly, I was just too tired. After 17 days of travel to 6 countries and 10 cities with a group of 33 people I was responsible for, I just didn't have it in me to document our safe arrival home. Rest assured that I brought everyone home safely. :)

Next week, I'll be sharing some of the lessons that I learned this trip and how I plan to operate differently I always learn new things with every trip, so stay tuned for that post if you're so inclined.

Of course, I was exhausted by the time we returned, but I  absolutely cannot wait to travel again. I have a student trip open for Australia next summer and another one for Mediterranean Europe in the summer of 2016. I sure hope they both 'make,' and that I have a chance to create even more amazing memories with another group of kiddos.

Peace out, fellow travelers!

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