Sunday, July 13, 2014

How do others see you?

Disclaimer: I did not take this picture. I'm not even sure I like this picture, but I thought it was an important one to share because of the questions/issues it raises for me.

Apparently, this is a pic that the fella's little boy snapped of me last weekend at our 4th of July festivities. As I transferred my pics from those events onto my laptop, I found it. I had given him my camera to take pics with, and he loved it. While he made me a li'l nervous with my expensive dslr, I really do like seeing the photos that other people take.

On some levels, I really like this photo that he took; there are things about it that I don't love too. I decided to share it with you here because of that dichotomy. How is it possible to like and dislike the same photo? If you're a woman reading this, I'm pretty sure you understand that dichotomy very well.

I like that I'm not looking at the camera. I like that I'm unaware of the photo being snapped. I like that it captures some of my best features - hello smoldering eyes, strong profile, straight dark hair and rockin' cleavage (hot mama!). 

I don't like the fat neck or the weak chin or the cleavage wrinkles or my blank expression (old mama!)

The question it begs is more important than the actual photo though - how do others see us? What did that little boy see when he snapped the pic? What do strangers see when they meet me? What do the people who love me see when they look at me? How does all of that mesh with what I see in the mirror? How much does it matter, the way others see us?

I certainly don't have the answers to these questions, not for me and certainly not for anyone else. Are these questions that you consider? Have you found yourself in similar situations with pictures of yourself? I'd love to see those pics and hear what you have to say.

Whatever the case, I'm glad to have this picture and to have the ability to ask these questions of myself and of you. Peace out...


  1. I don't think others see me AT ALL like I see myself. I fear that if I saw myself as others do - I'd never leave the house!!! I see a beautiful lady when I see you! Love you!

  2. tiffany, it's such a thought provoking post. yes i have felt that love/hate dichotomy. i'm glad i don't know how others see me. it hurts my brain to even think about. yes, i've thought of it before. i agree with tracie. you do look very pretty.

  3. I don't have many pictures that others have taken of me - at least recent ones. Would probably be afraid to find out the answer to that question, too, but it's a good one to consider. I really like this photo - especially that you weren't aware of it being taken - it feels real & a little bit vulnerable. Thanks for your honesty in how you see yourself - it helps me want to be like that, too!