Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sharing a mini-album - Be Inspired from 2006

What do you put on your blog when you're traveling in Europe for a couple of weeks? Why, you go deep into your scrapbook archives and pull out some things you haven't shared before. Look at this as a trip down memory lane. :)

Here's a simple little mini-album that I made back in 2006 about the things, people, activities that were inspiring me at the time. It couldn't be an easier format and has very little embellishment, but I still really like it. There's not any journaling because I wanted it to just be a visual representation of inspiration; I might need to go back and label things for 50 years down the road when I don't remember anything. Lol!  It's a great bit of insight into what I was doing, thinking, viewing, enjoying at that time in my life. Hope you enjoy looking through it!

(Why in the world did I include some vertical pics in an overwhelmingly horizontal album? Oh well...)

(FYI - that's me on the left and Tracie on the right - I think we're getting younger...)

(Not really a fan of all that inking; it must have been a phase I experienced.)

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