Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sharing a layout - Little Moments

Warning: this layout doesn't match this week's podcast; it's a leftover from last week's episode, "No kids, no pets, no husband." I wanted to share it even though it wasn't ready last week; hope you'll forgive me. ;)

Just for fun, I decided to make a layout about a lunch date I had with Tracie and her daughter. I used some old KI Memories paper and tried to freshen it up with some current embellishments. (I've been doing that a lot lately, haven't I?)

With four pics to include, I knew that space would be at a premium. That's why I made my title also serve as an embellishment. I trimmed all of the pics down just a little bit so they would flow on the page a little better together. I also had to trim down the PL style card that I used for my journaling block. Basically, I created a layout based on a grid design then popped an embellishment off the grid at the top left and bottom right. Pretty simple, right?

Here's a closeup of the journaling in case you'd like to read it.

To me, this was a fun page to do because there was no real pressure. I liked the pics; I remembered having fun that day, so I wanted to share it in a layout. If I were feeling inspired for Project Life, I might have just included these pics in that format. I'm just not feeling PL right now, though, so I'm taking a break. I can always go back to it if I really feel motivated to do so. There you have it - a quick layout about a simple lunch shared between friends. In future years, I think I'll look back at this layout and be glad I made it.

Have a great day and try to capture a simple story about your life!


  1. I think it's great that you and Tracie remembered to take pictures of each other when you were together! I like how you got so many pictures and journaling on one page!

  2. Fun page! I need to get better about getting more than just the food in my frame ;)

  3. Thanks Robin and Kim! I'm glad I trimmed the photos down to include several on one page. I always feel accomplished when I get several pics on one page. :)