Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recommended viewing - Last Week Tonight

You should watch this weekly series on HBO on Sunday nights if you meet the following criteria....

1. You love smart comedy, particularly political satire.
2. You're a liberal or at least not ultra-conservative.
3. You're not easily offended by language, nudity, and sarcasm.
4. You're a fan of people like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, George Carlin, etc.

**If these descriptions don't apply to you, then you might not find it as hilarious as I did.

While I don't always agree with Oliver's take on various issues, I have found his razor sharp wit highly entertaining each week. My fave episode thus far has been the one that focuses on the senate race here in KY between incumbent Mitch McConnell and challenger Allison Lundergran Grimes. I literally laughed out loud all by myself here at home as I watched it. I've been watching via HBOGo, but it may also be available on Netflix now that they've made friends with HBO.

If you're game, watch it and let me know what you thought. It's a bright spot to my week, so I hope it is to yours too. :)


1 comment:

  1. This really sounds like my show! I can't wait to watch. ha!!!!! I know you were thinking of me when you made that list of people who would like it.