Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sweet, sweet summertime

That rocking chair is where I spend a lot of time early in the morning and late in the evening during the summer. I read; I rock; I listen to music; I rock; I hold Lowder-dog; I rock; I think; I get the picture...

This backyard makes me happy. It's shady and quiet and intimate. I don't love the upkeep, necessarily, but I do like gazing out at my little patch of quiet nature. I haven't fired up the grill this year yet because I need to replace my rather decrepit one. That's on my to-do list next week.

Also n my to-do list is to get my backyard flowerbed under control. My hostas and bleeding hearts and liriope are growing nicely, but lots of weeds have also encroached and the landscape fabric has worked its way up to the surface in spots. It's a work in progress, so I'm trying not to stress about it. At least it's green, right? ;)

Where do you spend your time at home in the summer? Do you love/hate your backyard and/or flowerbeds and why? I'd love to hear about your little piece of nature too.

1 comment:

  1. outside on my back deck. whether its morning coffee on the weekends or evening meal or cocktail, that is my favorite place to unwind. I, too, have some areas needing tending...