Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More end of school randomness...

Here are a few more pics of end of school year stuff; most were taken by my students who felt the need to check out my nice camera on my desk. Lol. And so another school year comes to an end - year 20 for me. Today was closing day for staff which means that it really is all over for another eight weeks or so... Ahhh....

A shot of my first period sophomores - a sweet group overall...

One of my senior kiddos posing with my bestie next door...

One of my senior kiddos hard at work looking for divine inspiration as he worked on his final exam...

Here are a few more seniors finishing up their finals for me as well.

I'm posing with one of my senior babies here. (Lookin' a little tired there, Lowder.)

Ahh, my classroom decor makes me happy.

I've got a pretty messy desk at school 95% of the time.

Here's another senior baby hanging out at my desk and giving me a hard way to go. Thanks, Nathaniel!

Oh yeah, I like to pose for pics with other senior kiddos when I'm not in a rush.

Group of presents for the first of four graduation parties I attended - I gave all of the party students a bestseller I chose especially for them and wrote them a personal note inside each one.

Here I am posing with the bestie on the last day of school too.

Last year's babies wanted to pose together too - I bet I'll have them in my senior class next year. Of course, they've visited me almost every day this year for moral support, snacks, and venting. I just can't get rid of 'em!

When Cameron doesn't slouch, I barely come up to his armpit. This kid is tall!

Iconic images of school --

the American flag in my classroom - yes, we say the pledge each day

An almost empty hallway with the foreground in focus

One of my sophomores spending his study hall time playing on his phone instead of, you know, actually studying

And an empty hallway except for a couple of kids cleaning out their lockers

I love it; I really do. But I'll gladly stay mostly away for the next 8 weeks as I relax, recharge, and renew myself for next year.

When is school out for you and yours?


  1. Our schools aren't out until June 19th! UGH!! They tacked on a few extra days to make up for snow days. I don't remember school ever getting out this late ever!
    I am just loving the podcast! I listened to What's your excuse last night to get me off my butt to actually do some scrapping I got two layouts done! Yeah. Thanks so much!

  2. These are fun. I think it is wonderful when the kids love their teachers. I love seeing the kids hugging their teachers when I pick up Ben at school. It makes me feel pretty good to know the teachers care so much. Brit's all time favorite teacher is her 8th grade English teacher. We keep in touch with her. She and Brit share books and get together over the summer once or twice. She is a great lady. I really enjoy her.

    We are not out until June 6th. Brit is finishing her Sophomore year. Ben is finishing up 1st grade. I also have a daughter that is a few years older than yours. :) I am looking forward to having my kids back. I live for summers. :)

  3. oh tiffany, i bet you're a great teacher too! it makes me miss the high school kids i worked with in 2007-2008. that was the one year i worked at the high school, as a teen youth advocate. those kids have long since graduated, and hopefully on to bigger & better things. makes me miss the nice adults i worked with too. it was a meaningful experience. just think you've been doing that for 20 years. totally amazing!