Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saying goodbye is hard to do

Saying goodbye is hard to do sometimes, especially when you're a teacher. Here are some shots saying goodbye this year...

My 5th period seniors, many of whom I had in class when they were freshmen and sophomores too. I won't miss their complaining, but I will miss them.

My second period college prep seniors - again, I had lots of these kids their freshman and/or sophomore year...  While I wasn't a fan of the senioritis that hit sometime last September, I do care a lot about these kids. Somehow they wiggled their way into my heart.

Many of the girls from that 2nd period class - we were kind of overrun with boys in there, lol.

The view of my classroom -- this isn't so hard to say goodbye to at the moment. :) I'm looking forward to my summer.

Goodbye to Coach Combs; he was my comrade in the 5th period class and definitely had my back all year. He's moving on to bigger things as head coach at another local high school, but I hope he makes his way back to Purple territory eventually.

I have closing day on Tuesday and 3 days of professional development the next week, but summer vacation is here!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm pretty excited? What are your plans this summer?


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  1. Those are all great pictures!!!! I loved seeing your classroom!