Friday, May 16, 2014

Sharing a Layout - Documenting the Past, part 4 " "Hey Girl, You're Awesome!"

**This layout also addresses the challenge Tracie gave me in the NSD bonus podcast, "Scrapbooking on a Desert Island." She challenged me to use raw chipboard on a layout, so here ya go. ;)

For this layout, I went with a 'heritage' photo of myself from the end of my freshman year of high school. I'd been working with mostly black and white pics, so I thought some color would be a good thing.  (Looks like I need to paint my work table again, doesn't it? Oh well, just look away from the splatters and the beat up finish. I like not having to worry about keeping it in good shape and just repaint it when it gets too bad.)

Since this is a smallish photo (prob 4 X 4 or so), I thought I'd make an 8.5 X 11 spread. I switch up between sizes and try to just keep in mind what the story is that I have to tell and how big my photos are in making my decision. Since I'm wearing pink in the pic, I thought a yellow background with pink accents would be a good pairing.

I hand-wrote my journaling on a lined PL card that Tracie gave me and stapled this Silhouette today cut to the top of it as a little handle. No, my journaling isn't particularly detailed or heartfelt; it's just the basics behind the photo. That's okay with me. Every single page I make doesn't have to be something grand.

Tucking my journaling behind something else is a favorite trick of mine. I think it makes the layout feel a little more interactive and a little more casual. In this case, you can see the age, date, and place without pulling out the tab for a bit more info. This way, you can see more if you want to, otherwise you get the very minimum.

I'm a fan of the embellishment cluster right now. In this case, my embellishment cluster is actually my title treatment too. I put it in the lower left corner which might drive some people crazy, but I like how it balances out the journaling tab at the top right.

Voila! The finished layout. Notice that I used my stand repetition of three embellishments in a visual triangle yet again. I also have strips of patterned paper, again. Just a fun little layout of a pic that I liked from a time in my life that I enjoyed. What could be better than that?

The takeaway: heritage photos don't have to be just really old black and white or sepia tones. Sometimes, pics from your childhood might be considered heritage photos too. In my opinion, anything before my adult life qualifies as heritage. :) I hope y'all enjoyed the layouts I shared this week on documenting the past and that our podcast helped you think how you might work with some of your heritage photos. Next week, we'll be talking about Pop Culture, and I'll have more projects to share. Peace out, chickies!


  1. Too cute!! I really like your clustering of embellies. I want to do that more. :)

  2. I love the colours you've chosen. Very effective and goes well with the photo. I never would've thought of putting journaling on a card tucked behind the photo and peaking out. I need to do this! Love it all.