Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sharing a layout - documenting the past part 3 "Dorothy"

This time around, my grandmother, Dorothy, was the focus of a heritage layout. After working with another black and white photo earlier in the day and using an orange/blue combo, I was ready for some brighter, happier colors. As you can see, I used a combination of "ice cream" colors to create this project.

How do you title a layout when you don't know the whole story behind the picture? In this case, I only knew what my grandmother had written on the back of the photo. Since I couldn't come up with anything super clever to call it, I thought I'd just stick with calling it her name. I layered the title on a couple of 3 X 4 cards from a cut-apart page and tried to unify them with a strip of patterned paper under the letters and as a flag on the upper left corner. Notice that I repeated the flag embellishment in a visual triangle in three different spots on the layout using a combination of papers.The Once Upon a Time sticker just seemed to work since it suggested the significant time difference between the photo and now. It also picked up on the red in the trim of the title card and the berry color in the ice cream cones of the photo mat. The letter stickers for the title were October Afternoon; I mixed them because I didn't have all of one color and because I wanted to incorporate various shades of the green and greige.

The new Amy Tangerine vellum pockets were perfect for inserting a little journaling card. I added a little 7 Gypsies Found sticker to the top of the journaling card to draw your attention to it and added a hand cut flag from patterned paper at the bottom of the pocket to tie together the left and right hand sides of the layout.

Here's what the journaling says. Basically, I just copied what my grandmother had written on the back of the photo.

And here's the finished layout.

This is not a picture that I was familiar with before scrapbooking it; I love that I have a glimpse into what my grandmother was like as a teenager. What are you excited about scrapbooking from the past?


  1. Just delightful!!! I'm super jealous of you having such an incredible photo like that. The "love this" pocket is perfection. The papers are perfection. You are rocking the vintage photos! I'm gonna have to start callin' you Mary Ann. :)

  2. I love this! I love everything about it, and actually the layout does say a lot. It identifies who she is, her relation to you, that she is a teenager, and when it was. A thought: I was curious about the Green Gables restaurant. Do you know of it? Does it still exist? If so, a picture it more info might be found on the Internet. I did a quick a search and a couple came up but I don't know what state is correct. This is just something that interests me when I look at my own heritage pictures. I was a Navy brat, born in Rhode Island but no memories of it. I went there last year and was able to go to the sites of where we used to live although the houses and buildings are long gone now. ... Boy, your podcasts and Mary Ann Jenkins' inspiration have really stirred my mind to what to do with the many heritage photos I've inherited!

    Great job, Tiffany. Love the colors you chose and really, just everything about your layout.