Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pop culture layout - Faves

This week is all about pop culture and its influence on our lives. How could I not include pop culture in my layouts? While I had certainly made references to various aspects of pop culture in my scrapbook albums, I hadn't really made any layouts that focused on pop culture. This time around, the layout is about my favorite books from the past year.

One of the problems with pop culture is that I don't often take pics of that kind of thing. Yeah, I'm reading books but I don't think of snapping a photo of the book itself or of myself reading. (Note - I need to do that.) Since I wanted to do this layout but didn't have pics, I went online and grabbed images of the books and saved them. Then I printed the pics at home on my Canon i960 - it's pretty old, but it manages to get the job done. Printing at home isn't my preference, but I like it as well as or better than anything I can get locally. If I don't have enough time to wait for a Snapfish order, it looks like I'll be printing these babies at home. Of course, that tempts me to buy another small photo specific printer like Picturemate or Selphy or something.

Anyway, I printed these pics out in a 5 X 7 collage because I originally intended to use them as a block of photos. I played with that a bit and didn't like it. The next step was cutting them apart. I thought that was way more fun-looking.

Here's a close-up of the bingo style card that I popped up a bit for dimension on the layout

This shot shows the book jackets I printed as pics and the patterned paper strips I incorporated on the bottom right and top left for unity.

How about a shot of the title treatment - Faves List

In case you want to read the journaling, here ya go...

And the final product. This layout actually reminds me a lot of the one I did a few weeks back, My Dear Baby, but that's totally okay. Maybe I inadvertently scraplifted myself. Haha!

I'm really glad that I made a page about some of my favorite books I recently read. I think this would be a great topic to revisit every year, actually. What great books have you read lately? I need some suggestions to read over the summer.


  1. Ha! I would have to make the same page every year 'cause I read the same books over and over. LOL I love this! It is such an important topic that you needed to document!

  2. This is an awesome layout, Tiffany!! You nailed it - & I love that Bingo card!! :D

  3. I've read 2 of those (I'm avoiding the Fault in Our Stars, I don't like crying while reading ha ha ha) and am adding the other one to my giant to-read pile. Part of Wild was filmed in the city I live in, so I'm going to have to see the movie :) I love finding other people that read although it's not helping shorten my reading list :P