Sunday, May 4, 2014

Freshly cut grass

Nothing like some freshly cut grass to make you appreciate springtime. I love the sound of the lawnmowers in the neighborhood (as long as it's after 9 am), the smell of just cut grass in the air, and the crisp, trim yards on my street.

When I cut the grass the other afternoon, this was my view from the garage looking out into my yard. I'm working on getting that front bed weeded; it's a long process, especially with those mossy things dropping from the trees.

And here's the view from my driveway as I left for a date. While I don't always love living in an older home and neighborhood, I'm thankful for this view as I leave and come home each day. This time of year makes me appreciate having a yard that I need to care for and a place to come home to each evening.

On my yardwork to do list this weekend? Planting my windowboxes and hanging baskets. :)

How are things going in your yard these days? Spring is an exciting time!


  1. If I owned my own home, it would probably be the eyesore of the neighborhood because I'd be too lazy to work as hard as you do on it!! Looks great!

    1. You're a mess! I try to keep the yard looking neat, just so I can avoid being the neighborhood eyesore. Hahahahaha!

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