Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week in review

I thought it might be a little fun to do a week in review with y'all, you know, just in case you were wondering about my uber exciting life. Kidding. My work friends sometimes seem to think I'm just living a life of glamour and excitement. Um, it's actually pretty tame when you think about it. That's okay though; I have to say even the tame parts are pretty awesome.

Saturday - Shopping with my baby girl (who's 22) in Nashville, Hendersonville actually. She racked up as always. Gotta love simple dresses for spring. Lunch at Knead Dough. Excellent pizza but pricey; leftovers for dinner. Final 4 NCAA tournament action and blogginess that evening. Solo and enjoyed it.

Sunday - Chores. Crafting. Mr. Selfridge. Repeat. Kel and Jake came over to make pizzas at lunch; I had their leftovers for lunch and dinner. I'm gonna turn into a piece of pizza. The fella came over that evening for some snuggles and Orange is the New Black. (If you don't watch it, you should. Warning: adult audiences only.)

Monday - Back to school after spring break. Adjusting to getting back into a routine. Tired because I didn't sleep well. Test prep practice with sophomores, Victorian age intro with college prep seniors, Keats and Shelley poetry with regular seniors. What was I thinking diving headfirst into hard work the first day back? Whew. Flashed half of Bowling Green when I stopped to get allergy meds at Walgreens during rush hour. A wrap dress + a super windy day + uber revealing underwear are not a good match. :0  Sorry 'bout that, ya'll! That evening, NCAA championship game at local sports bar with the fella - Wildcats lost, but the chicken wings were yummy.

Tuesday - Dying of allergies. Headache. School was kind of an allergy hazy, pain filled blur. Left a li'l early to take a nap before the adult night class that I teach. Shoutout to Candy for taking my last period class for me! Night class was a whirlwind of grading but otherwise uneventful. Solo evening with the pups. Girl talk with Tracie. Lots of crafty plans in my head but no energy to put them into action. Read some blogs. Made big plans mentally. Haha!

Wednesday - Soooo sick. Took Kelsey to class and went to school to make my plans, then arranged for a sub. Went to the doctor at noon - left after a shot and antibiotics for a sinus infection. Barely made it to pharmacy and to McD for fries and a coke before going home and passing out in pain/exhaustion. I slept all day and most of the evening. I didn't even turn on the television. That's how you know this girl is sick. Realized I wouldn't be able to work Thursday either, so I asked a colleague to put together my plans for me. Still very miserable at the end of the evening. High point of the day? I finally won a game of Words with Friends against the fella.

Thursday - Still no school. Still soooo sick. Tried to sleep but couldn't. My fever lasted until after lunchtime and the headache until roughly dinnertime, but I finally began feeling better around 7 pm. I blogged a little, took a few pics, and watched a lil tv. Finally finished a faith based layout I'd been struggling with all week and shared it on my blog.

Friday - Ahh, Friday. After being absent for two days, it was a fast paced day, but I made it through. Sooo glad to be feeling better finally. Maybe I'll be back at 100% by tomorrow. I maintain that Friday is the best of all days. It's warm, feels like spring. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, i.e. summer break. Movie night with the fella and takeout Chinese food planned with an early bedtime hopefully. I need a little down time; I'm craving it. Def going to try to pace myself over the weekend so that I can recharge instead of run my battery down even further.

Peace out, peeps! That's just my week in review. :)

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  1. When I go to Knead Dough, I get one piece of cheese and it fills the entire take out box and it's $3. I've never ordered a whole one there!! Next time you come here, let's go to Sam's Sports Grill and get pizza. There's is TO DIE FOR.