Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Classes Available - A Reminder

I'm just dropping in to remind you that I have two classes available on my website for purchase. Both of them focus on documenting travel, but they are very different topics and forms.

My first class, Memory Trip, focuses on documenting a family trip that I took more than 20 years ago. I scrapbook this trip in a traveler's notebook, but the discussion I have about how I documented the trip and the hurdles I overcame in the process are really applicable to any size project that focuses on an event from a long time ago. Here's a YouTube promo video that I made for the class when I released it in the spring. At just $10, this first class is a bargain if you have an old trip to document or if you want ideas for working in a traveler's notebook.

My second class, One Trip, Three Ways, focuses on documenting the six week trip to Paris I took in the summer of 2015. In it, I address how I managed to tell my story fully across three formats - a planner-style mini-album, a 12 X 12 mixed page album, and a traveler's notebook. If you have any special trips where you took hundreds or even thousands of photos, I'd encourage you to consider registering for this self-paced class. Check out the YouTube promo video that I made for the class when I released it a couple of months ago. This class costs $20 because it's really three different classes all combined into one.

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