Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I wore - 3rd edition

Originally, I thought it might be fun to do one of these wardrobe update posts every couple of months or so, but then I realized I could probably just do one at the close of each month for the sake of simplicity. I'm not really a wannabe fashion blogger or anything; that would be way too much pressure. Maybe it's helpful to some people to see what real people wear (women of a certain age, working outside the home, on a real budget, who aren't built like supermodels) or maybe it's just entertaining. Either way, I'm glad you stopped by for a gander.

Orange dotted dress - no clue where or when I bought it, but it's at least five years old
Black heeled Mary Janes - Clark's - Marti and Liz locally

Floral kimono - Kohl's circa 2014/2015
Peach tunic dress - local boutique (Watt About This) spring 2015
Black leggings - Cato 2016
Pink leather slides - no clue where, but they're at least 20 years old
Pearl necklace with L - local boutique (Heartstrings) spring 2016

Saiilboat sweater - TJ Maxx, winter 2015
Long beaded necklace - Premier jewelry party, spring 2015
Skinny jeans - Macy's, winter 2012

Black velvet tee with gray background - Cato, winter 2016
Necklace - I made it with supplies from Hobby Lobby
Not pictured - black animal print skinny jeans -  Old Navy, circa 2014

Floral tank top - Ross, spring 2017
Black cocoon style cardigan - Target, winter 2015
Mint green skinny jeans - Jones New York, Ross, spring 2017

Printed, lace-trimmed tank top - Fashion Bug circa 2010
Black cocoon cardigan - see above
Black tulle skirt - Charlotte Russe, fall 2016
Silver leaf necklace - no clue of when or where

Navy dotted dress - Kohl's, summer 2015
Striped espadrilles - Madrid, Spain, summer 2016

Navy lace sleeve tee - Lane Bryant, summer 2016
Pink cropped pants - Old Navy, spring 2016
Multi-color necklace - boutique in Madrid, Spain, summer 2015
Floral tennies - Target, spring 2017

Retro shirtdress in navy and orange - Ross, spring 2015
Navy sandals - Clark's, Marti and Liz locally, several years ago

White, wrap-style blouse with giant bow - Lane Bryant, spring 2017 ($6.98 on clearance!!)
Pink shaded gemstone necklace - TJMaxx, maybe?, circa 2015
Wide-leg denim crops - Lane Bryant, summer 2016
Suede moccasins - (designer brand but idk which one)  Marti and Liz locally, winter 2014

Floral baseball tee tunic - local boutique (Dixieland boutique), spring 2017
Gray distressed skinny jeans - Calvin Klein brand, Ross, spring 2017
Gray dotted tennies - Target, spring 2017

Black patterned dress - Kohl's, circa 2012 (It has some pilling of the fabric, so I'm sending it to Goodwill after this wearing.)
Black floral wedges - Clark's, Marti and Liz locally, summer 2015

Purple geometric wrap-style dress - Kohl's, circa spring 2013
Black tshirt - Target, no clue when since I buy them regularly
Black, clunky, small wedge sandals - Target, circa spring 2012
"T" pencant - local boutique (Heartstrings), circa summer 2014

Blue striped swing dress - Old Navy, spring 2017
Black short sleeved cardigan - Kohl's, spring 2015
Black, clunky, small wedge sandals - see above

Animal print chiffon blouse - Kohl's, circa 2014
Black tank top - Lane Bryant several years ago (it's kind of a lycra blend but flat finish)
Black, slim leg, crops - Lane Bryant, summer 2015
Black strappy sandals - Clark's, Marti and Liz locally, spring 2014

There you have it - a sampling of the outfits I wore during April 2017. As you can tell, I'm constantly mixing old and new pieces together. Sometimes I wear designer elements that I snagged on sale, but I'm mostly just wearing clothes that I think are affordable and long-wearing and cute. I hope this gives someone out there some ideas about mixing items into outfits from your own closet. :)

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  1. you inspire me but some of your outfits aren't work compliant for me. I can wear them out and about though. I need to dig through my shoes and spice up my outfits!