Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doing a bit of sketching

I'm working on a new scrapbooking project and want to incorporate some sketches into it. Since my project involves Kelsey when she was very little, I'm most interested in drawing little girls. Yesterday, I looked up some images on Pinterest and tried to mimic them as a starting point. I def don't think they're great, but I'm glad I tried it and am proud of my effort. Hopefully, I'll just get better if I work on it more.

Take a look at my efforts:

And then I randomly drew some suitcases - lol. 

As I mentioned to a student who complimented my work yesterday, "I think there's an artist inside me; I just haven't met her yet."


  1. I may have mentioned this before, but Karen Grunberg at does monthly projects. They are often daily drawing projects. You might want to check out her blog history for inspiration. Your girls are pretty darn cute.

  2. tiff, they are darling little whimsical cutie pies! are you super proud of yourself? you should be. yes, you will get better. how do i know this? from my own art practicing skills, time, repetition, & adventures. you are on your way. i do like they way they look right now too.

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