Sunday, January 8, 2017

Planning the coming week

To do
1. Find a new book to read
2. File insurance paperwork for 2016
3. Call EF rep re: upcoming student trips
4. Sort one load of donations for Goodwill
5. Update blog
6. Begin planning for 2017 solo summer trip
7. Put away the rest of the Christmas decor
8. Clean studio space

To go
1.ESS sessions resume
2. Overhead Door for opener reset/repair
3. Podcasting in Nashville
4. Late Christmas celebration with Lorie
5. Date night with the fella
7. Follow-up doctor's appointment

To make
1. Frame cactus stitching in hoop and display
2. Finish October TN and video it
3. Video Q&A for blog series
4. Continue working on DD 2016
5. Work on Valentine's Day stitching for K
6. Make plans for stitching pillow band


Cereal, fruit, cottage cheese, breakfast bar

Frozen dinner, leftovers, salad

Out with the fella x 2, grilled chicken and veggies, homemade pizza, out with Lorie, up with Tracie, one pot pasta

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