Sunday, December 11, 2016

Planning the coming week

Maybe I've been putting too much information out there. At least that's the suggestion that both the fella and the friend made to me last week. Like, I guess it's possible that some mastermind thief who loves wiener dog ornaments might be tracking my blog posts. Or maybe some mentally unbalanced psycho ScrapGals fan is secretly plotting to take over my identity after killing me with weapons made from thin metal dies. For real, though, I guess I should be a bit more careful about putting out my daily goals and plans and appointments. For that reason, I think I'll start approaching my weekly plan post in a list format. Y'all can just worry yourselves to death about whether I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday or Friday and whether I'm having shrimp chowder on Monday or Thursday. Keep 'em guessin' - that's my new motto. Hahaha- kidding!

Work To-Do --
   It's finals week! Give them - grade them - record them
   Finish grading make-up work for the quarter
   Finish grading senior sonnets and sophomore common assessment essays (I need motivation!)
   Run ESS quarterly points report and send to faculty
   Propose spring semester 2nd Opp. class schedule
   Attend faculty luncheon
   Dress up for finals spirit days (if they're having them this year - haven't heard yet- need this for photo ops)
   Hold final 2nd Opp class meeting for the semester
   Department retirement event for Trisha

Personal To-Do --
   Doctor's appointment (month long+ hacking cough - be gone!)
   Have Kelsey cut my hair (2+ inches off maybe? thoughts? opinions?)
   File receipt with flex account (they think my dentist bill could secretly be for scrapbooking supplies - haha)
   Make returns to Target and to Hobby Lobby
   Purchase any final items online for Christmas
   Lunch and shopping with Lorie to celebrate Christmas
   Run errands - bank, pharmacy, dry cleaners, grocery, etc.

Crafty To-Do --
   Continue taking DD pictures
   Begin DD album (yes, I KNOW today is December 11...)
   Finish and video September TN (yes, i KNOW today is December 11...)
   Help Kelsey make Christmas gifts for her inlaws

Breakfasts --
   Bagel with cream cheese

Lunches --
   Faculty luncheon
   Frozen dinners

Dinners - (Y'all, it's going to be cold here next week - not sure I'm ready for a harsh winter!)
   Shrimp corn chowder
   Takeout/plans with the fella X 2
   Chili (I never got around to making it last week)
   Hot/bbq chicken sliders (I never made this either)
   Avocado toast (I need this at least once a week to be happy)
   Out with department for retirement event


  1. All I've done so far on my December album is take photos and write notes for my journaling--no actual crafting yet! Yikes!! However, I'm OK with that. I know I will get it put together at some point (keep repeating this mantra and taking deep breaths) :)

    1. Me too! Me too! It's going to be okay - that's my mantra. :)

  2. I have through December 6th done but I am getting photos and doing story prompts on my memo app on my phone. If it has to wait until after the New Year, I'm peaceful with that.

    As far as 2" off haircut, you have enough length that 2" would be great! I am of firm belief that fresh haircuts are a MUST for holidays because of all the pictures going on.

    And one more note, as far as the BF and GF comments about too much information. :-( While I understand their concern, I have to say that I enjoy having a peak at your daily life. Your new format will satisfy strange stalkers out there like me and should satisfy the GF and BF.

    1. Hahaha - you are SUCH a stalker! I think the really scary ones would never out themselves publicly, you know. :) I kind of miss the daily format, but I get their point about being too transparent in terms of my activities BEFORE they happen. It's one thing to talk about it after the fact, but I'd hate to think someone would try to track me or something. I need to see if Kel can cut my hair before she leaves for her big Oregon trip; I'm sure she has SO much free time for me. Lol!

  3. I've been behind on DD pretty much from the get-go (despite, or perhaps because of, taking Ali's DD class in November), but was taking pictures and writing things down. Yesterday I was finally able to have a quiet day and got completely caught up. Honestly, a concentrated lengthy crafting session works best for me -- I like getting into the zone.

    1. Good for you! I'm impressed that you could catch up in just one marathon session. I get bored easily and like to jump around between activities, so I probably wouldn't be as productive as you were. Will you share your work somewhere online? I'd love to see it!

  4. Oh my - I typed "peak" instead of "peek" argh - I'm usually better than that

    1. Don't worry - I left my red teacher pen in my desk. ;)